Sunday, July 6, 2014

Every Day is Day 1

Some of you know that I thoroughly enjoy watching weight loss shows.  I know that the way they go about the weight loss isn’t achievable/realistic for the average working person (they takes MONTHS off work and go to some far away “ranch” or other “boot camp” facility and their full time job is to workout and eat healthy).  But that doesn’t mean you can’t be inspired by them.  Quite the opposite.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Extreme Weight Loss with the Powells because, while they are currently having the show participants remove themselves from their regular life and go to Colorado for the first 3 months, after that, the people are basically set out on their own and still given goals to lose decent amounts of weight in 3 month increments (anywhere from 20-60 lbs).  But they’re given the tools they need to do this ON THEIR OWN.  And they do it on their own.  Also, EWL is not a competition show.  The participants are competing solely against themselves and the goals they set for themselves each 3 months.

I recently watched the episode with Melissa, the widowed military wife, and she was tasked to lose 40 lbs in that second 3 months, the first segment on her own (post-boot camp).  40 lbs in 3 months?  And I’m bitching about losing 25 in 6?  Pssshah.  I know I work a lot of overtime and I run on less hours of sleep than is recommended and I’m using that as an excuse to skip workouts on days that I have more than enough time to get to the gym and workout.  The more overweight I get, the less motivated I am to pick up my activity level.

While I am very happy that I am NOT 205 again, that doesn’t mean that what lies ahead is going to be any easier.  It doesn’t mean I can slack.  It doesn’t mean I don’t have to work hard.  It doesn’t mean I can make excuses.  What it DOES mean is that I NEED to stick to my plans, my dates with “Gym,” my healthy eating.  I need to be vigilant.  I desperately want to be back down in the low 170’s.  I was so happy there.  I look at the pictures I took of myself when I was there and I looked amazing.  Frankly, I don’t look “bad” now.  I’m just a little squishier than I’d like to be around the middle.  Heck, I went dress shopping today and found 3 dresses that look great on me…I still fit in a size 10…without using a shoe horn to get myself into it.  I want to get back to an 8, though.

I’m doing this one day at a time.  If my past record is any guide as to how I am, then it HAS to be one day at a time.  If I try to take any more than that into consideration, I get overwhelmed.  I’ve lost this weight before, last year, I can do it again.  I just have to make sure I don’t get overwhelmed and can stay focused on my goals and what is important to me.  I just have to focus on today and not worry about what might happen tomorrow and forget about yesterday’s mistakes.  So, every day is day 1 now.

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