Monday, July 28, 2014

Friend Makin' Monday: Feeling Fruity!

The other night, I had dreams that even though I was adhering to the FMD 100%, I started gaining weight again.  I know these dreams were due to the fears I have about this exact thing happening due to how my “luck” with diets has gone in the past.  I am stressing a little bit about my fears of the scale reversing.  I hope they are completely unfounded fears and that it won’t happen, but I’ve never done this diet before so I don’t know how my body will react to doing it for an extended period of time.  I’m just hoping that I have similar results to my friend Heather who had fantastic results when she started this diet.

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into how long I want to do this diet for.  I had originally planned to be on it for at least two 28-day cycles with the possibility of a third cycle…until I hit 30-32 pounds lost.  Well, I love the food so much that I’m thinking that I’ll continue it as long as possible and just make it my standard way of eating with the occasional splurge meal.

When I work the night shift at work on overtime, there’s this one coworker that always asks me if I’m going to the store (7-11).  Now that I’m on this diet, I don’t go to the store.  She gets all huffy when I tell her no like I’ve done twice this week.  I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I need at the store so there’s no need for me to go.  Previously, she would tell me to get myself a little something for going to the store to get her something.  The other night, I explained to her why I was saying no, that I was on a diet.  She responded with couldn’t I have fruit.  My response to that, because I was in phase 2, was “not today.”  It’s all protein and veggies during phase 2…no fruits.  Fruit is phase 1 and sometimes phase 3.

So far I’ve done super fantastic about staying on diet.  I’ll see a food that would have been irresistible to me previously and barely give it a thought.  I’m really amazed at this development.  I know that, at least when I first start a diet, that I’m pretty good about resisting trigger foods…but I usually still have the desire to eat them.  At least for now, I don’t even have that going on.  I love it.  I can easily just look at a trigger food, acknowledge that it would be tasty, and then I just move on.  I block it from my thoughts before I can WANT it.  So far, the only time I’ve had something not on the diet was this past Saturday.  I met a couple friends at Dave & Busters.  They both had dinner, I just had iced tea.  One of my friends got sweet potato fries with his dinner and I was scheduled to eat sweet potato with my dinner and he said I could have some if I wanted, so I had a few.

And now for Friend Makin’ Monday…This week's topic is 'Feeling Fruity'

1. What is your favorite fruit?
omg.  I have to pick a favorite?!?!?!  But I love all kinds of fruits!  <whine>  Hmm…If I absolutely HAVE to choose, then I choose rhubarb.  I don’t eat it often, but when I do eat it, it’s divine.

2. Is there a fruit that you really really don't like?
I tried prickly pear one time and did not like it at all…but it’s entirely possible that I didn’t prepare it correctly.  Someday I’ll try it again.

3. If you could only drink one fruit juice for the rest of your life, what flavor would it be?

4. Tomatoes - fruit or vegetable?
Tomatoes are actually a fruit but are marketed as and sold with the vegetables

5. How many portions of fruit do you eat a day?
It depends on the day as right now I’m doing a diet that cycles from high carb (sprouted grain bread, fruit, etc) to high protein to high healthy fat.  On the first 2 days of the week, you eat a couple servings of fruit, the rest of the week only like one a day.

6. if you were making a smoothie what fruits would you add?
If I BUY a fruit smoothie I always get the strawberry banana from Einstein Bros Bagels…it’s the bomb.  I haven’t MADE my own smoothie in years, but I believe one of my favorites included swiss chard, strawberries, coconut water, and I don’t have a clue what else.
7. Are you allergic to any fruits?
Thank god no!  I’m not allergic to any food, but I do have an intolerance to catfish (makes me throw up for hours if I eat it).

8. Do you have a favorite fruit recipe? Feel free to share the recipe with us.
My grandmother’s fruit salad.  You just get a couple citrus fruits (I usually go with clementines and grapefruit), your favorite apple (mine is honeycrisp), plums, chose from apricots/peaches/nectarines (1 or 2 of them), grapes (doesn’t matter red or white, just seedless is a good idea), maybe some berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc), and you could probably add your favorite melon and/or kiwi if you like them.  cut everything up and place in a LARGE mixing bowl.  Add a little bit of lemon juice, some cinnamon and your favorite sweetener (I used to use sweet’n’low but now I’m on the stevia train…but you could use sugar if that’s what you prefer).

9. Do you have any fruits that are local to your area?
If we do, I’m totally unaware. 

10. What is your favorite fruit pie?
RHUBARB!!!!  But I’ll eat the shizz out of a strawberry-rhubarb pie just as fast!


  1. I love strawberry rhubarb pie.

  2. Sounds like you are doing great on your diet so far - keep up the good work :)

    I'm not a fan of rhubarb, my mum cooked it loads when we were kids as we had tons growing in our garden. Hubby loves it too

  3. Stopping my from FMM. I'm shocked that you said rhubarb, most people would not have said that. I recently say some at the grocery store and had no idea how to cook it.


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