Sunday, July 13, 2014

Nerves About the New Diet

The other day I was talking to my friend, Heather, who has been doing the Fast Metabolism Diet for around 7 weeks now.  She has lost an amazing 27 pounds!  That is just plain amazing, no matter how you slice it.  I’m so proud of her.  And it really gives me a lot of hope for my own potential results with this diet.  27 pounds is pretty much my goal in weight loss at this time.  As long as I can stay focused, then I can stick to this diet and I can maybe hit my goal in 2 months’ time!  If I can do that, then I’m going to see about mixing some paleo with some Reboot Your Life recipes with some sugar detox stuff and come up with a healthy “diet” to continue on.

When Heather and I were discussing her success with this diet and that I am starting it on Monday, she advised I get the accompanying cookbook.  I didn’t know there was a cookbook!  I’m totally buying it.  She said she got it on for about $8.  Nice.  (she must have found it on sale because I got it for $12)  So, I will also keep my favorite recipes from this diet and throw them in my mixed up diet I’ll make for myself to stick to 90% of the time when I’m not having an “indulgence” meal out with friends.  And then, in October, I’ll start seeing the therapist and will get a handle on my food obsession/mild eating disorder and I will have great success keeping the weight off and staying healthy.

I know that once I get myself back down to my goal weight of 170~ that it will be so much easier to keep myself motivated to workout and motivated to improve my running (aka - get faster, go longer…hmm…do I want to run an ultra-marathon some day?).  Oh!  Something I would really like to do next year, compete in the Police Games.  They have a 5K and a 10K event.  I would LOVE to compete in both of those.  I don’t care that next year I may not place (heck, I’m sure I’ll be going up against runners that finish 5+ minutes faster than me in the 5K and 10+ minutes faster in the 10K), but I don’t care.  I want to do it.  It will be an amazing experience that I will remember and, maybe, in subsequent years, I’ll do the Games again and will improve and someday I’ll actually place and get a medal.

Something else I’m doing to help myself along in the journey this time around, I’ve bought Diane Carbonell’s book 150 Pounds Gone Forever: How I Lost Half My Size and You Can Too about her journey to lose 150 pounds and how she’s then kept the weight off for over 10 years.  I subscribe to her blog via email and I enjoy reading what she writes.  So I’m really looking forward to reading her book.  

Anyway, as with any new thing, I'm nervous about starting this diet tomorrow.  I know I'll do well, I just have to have faith in myself.

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