Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Obsessive Thoughts

Yesterday morning, I did get up early and I did my run.  I had set the alarm for 6:30 but stayed in bed until 7:30 and so by the time I set out to run at 8:00, it was almost 80°.  Ugh.  I was great for the first almost 3 miles.  The 4th mile, however, was horrible.  I stopped every quarter mile and rested.  I hate that.  I’m okay with walking a minute every mile, but I HATE stopping to rest.  That means my stamina and my endurance are just plain shot and that disappoints me greatly.  I need to get on this.  Next month starts marathon training!  That’s 4 runs a week!  OMG! 

Most marathon training programs have you running 5-6 times a week but I literally cannot commit to more than 4 days of running a week so you can imagine just how happy I was when I found one that only required 4 runs a week and still looked like a solid training plan.  I’ve really got to be on myself about getting to the gym twice a week.  Even if that means doubling up on workouts on the weekend and doing a gym/swim session on Sunday, along with my long run…you know, run in the AM, gym/swim in the evening.  However, I would REALLY like for the gym/swim to be mid-week so I can do the gym/cycle on Saturday.  I have just got to be more disciplined with myself. 

And I have to…repeat, HAVE TO…get my eating and obsessive thoughts about food under control.  Seriously.  It’s ridiculous just how out of control they are.  I hate how much I think about food.  I wish I didn’t think about it at all…except when I get hungry.  But, no, I think about food practically ALL. THE. TIME.  It makes me sick.  (figuratively speaking)  I wish I didn’t have to wait until October to start therapy…but financially, I just can’t do it until then.

I’m starting the Fast Metabolism Diet next Monday.  Hopefully that will help kick start my metabolism and reset it so that it’s functioning properly.  I’m hoping that I can lose at least 15 pounds in the 28 days of the diet.  If I can do that, I’ll only have 10 pounds to lose until I hit goal.  My work clothes will also not be super tight anymore and I won’t look pregnant in my regular clothes anymore.  My running clothes will also fit/look better as well.

Let me tell you guys about something exciting in my life that has nothing to do with fitness/health/diet.  My favorite author is Terry Brooks because he is the author of my favorite book series, the Shannara series.  Up until this year, there were 28 books in the entire series.  As of yesterday, there are 29 books!  I’m so exciting to buy the new book!  I will most likely interrupt my reading of the Dark Tower series (Stephen King) in order to read this book.  But, before I do that, I will finish book 3, which I am currently in the middle of.  So, yea, I’m pretty excited about this new book in my favorite series.  And something I just thought of, I wonder if there’s any Shannara fan fiction websites out there?  I’ll have to look into that this weekend.

Okay, back to fitness/health/diet stuff.  I’ll get in 2 runs this week.  Definitely not what I prefer, but also definitely better than no runs.  Saturday, I really want to ride my bicycle and do the gym.  At the gym, I’ll do my standard jump box workout plus the TRX exercises.  I’ll ride the 8 miles to the gym and then, on the way home, I’ll take a longer route that will hopefully be at least 10 miles…longer if possible, of course. 

My hopes for next week’s exercise are as follows:
• Sunday: long run…5-7 miles
• Monday: gym/swim
• Tuesday: run 3-4 miles
• Wednesday & Thursday: rest
• Friday: run 3-4 miles
• Saturday: gym/cycle

If I can make this exercise schedule actually happen, I will be very happy.  Now, of course, I only have one shift of overtime scheduled next week…Wednesday night…and if I pick up another shift or two, that will of course cause me to modify this exercise schedule.

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