Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rule Your Mind

 Such a powerful statement.  To me, this means that I have to control the obsessive thoughts I have about whatever I’m obsessing over…and I have to get a grip on my emotions because I’m eating myself fat again.  I’m not being negative or defeatist at all.  I’m not coming down on myself either.  I’m just saying I need to get a handle on myself.  Therapy is a tool that I plan to utilize…but, because of financial reasons, I won’t be able to utilize it until after October 1st…that’s when I’ll have money on my flexible spending account to pay for my co-pays at the therapist.  So, until then, I’m just going to do my best on my own to work on cutting down the unnecessary eating (eating when I’m not hungry and continuing to eat after I’m already full).

Your mind is a powerful.  When they say “mind over matter,” they mean it.  You can overcome/achieve just about anything just by BELIEVING that you can.  I haven’t been applying this to anything in my life.  I have been being defeatist…sort of…I’ve been very passive in my efforts to do anything the last few months…just squeaking by.  But it hasn’t worked.  If it had worked, I wouldn’t have regained the entire 33 pounds I lost last year.  I can’t let the negative thoughts that come up in the back of my mind happen.  If I do, I’ve lost before I’ve begun and that’s really not an option for me.

I’ve got a game plan, I just need to DO it.  I need to start doing it and I need to stick to it.  I’ve said before (last week, I believe) that I want to run 3 times a week and then on the other 2 days I workout, I want to do a mix of gym, swimming and cycling.  For this week, I’ve run once (Tuesday morning) and will run one more time (Friday morning).  Tomorrow, I plan to go to the gym, do my jump box workout and hit the pool for 10 laps.  Saturday, I want to ride my bicycle to the gym and do the jump box workout again…but this time I’ll also add my TRX workout to the mix to get some upper body strength training done as well.

I’m just going to do this one week at a time.  And I’m going to remember that everything I do is a success, no matter how small it is…it’s still a success.

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