Monday, August 18, 2014

Friend Making Monday: Randomness

So, let me start off with I’m sorry I’ve been silent.  Things have been a bit rough for me the last 2 months since I returned to Texas after my Oregon vacation.  Before I left for that vacation, I got a new car whose payment is $200 MORE than the car note I had previously.  Then, to top that off, my first payment was due in June and not July like I thought it was.  I guess that’s because it’s a lease instead of a loan?  I don’t know.  I just know in the past when I’ve bought a car (this is my first lease), I’ve always had about 45 days before my first payment was due.  So, I had all that stress going on.  Stress doesn’t always hit me quickly.  Usually, it builds up inside and takes a while before the physical symptoms manifest. 

After buying the car, I had this roadtrip to finance.  I got 3 new credit cards to help pay for the trip…a gas card, a regular but low limit credit card and a card I call the “ridiculous card” because it has an astronomical annual fee and a ridiculous interest rate.  Anyway, the trip happened without a hitch.  I only wish I had had a day where I could have scanned a boatload of old family photos into my computer.  Oh well…next trip.  I’ll make sure to schedule an entire day for that when I’m there next May. 

After the trip, I vowed to start paying off all my credit cards.  I paid off 5 of the lowest balance cards upon my return and have since been unable to pay off any other cards due to other things coming up financially.  So, I’ve got that stress too.

Also, after the trip, I come back to Texas and try to run.  It’s stifling and hot and miserable.  I poke out once and twice weekly runs (my preference is three times a week…minimum) for a month after my return.  Part of me is really missing the 50’s and 60’s I ran in up in Oregon.  It was so perfect for running while I was there.  So, as soon as I stop running (my last run was July 13th), my coping mechanism for the stress stops as well.  That means the stress can now build up and manifest.  I didn’t run for an entire MONTH.  I didn’t run again until last week, on August 13th (see?  Exactly a month).  I have been depressed ever since my return from Oregon…but it didn’t really start getting too bad until after I stopped running, though the depression is why I stopped running for the most part.  I just used the heat and humidity as an excuse so I didn’t have to admit that I was depressed.  Denial…it’s great, isn’t it?  Anyway, since I quit running, I was sleeping all. the. time.  Like, seriously, I would wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep.  On the weekends, I was awake for like maybe 8 hours a day.  The rest of the time: asleep. 

So, Thursday, August 13th I ran 3 miles.  Then, Friday, I get notification that my grandpa was taken off all of his treatments and medications and was only on pain medication.  They referred to this as “comfort care.”  Make the person comfortable and all then they pass away in peace, basically.  I had planned to run Saturday morning, but was too grief stricken to be bothered with getting out of bed.  Sunday, I ran 4 miles.  Sunday night, my dad called me about an hour after I had gone to bed and left me a voicemail.  My dad never calls me.  I knew something was wrong.  I figured it was because my mom was too upset to call me, which meant only one thing.  Monday morning, I slept in.  I was going to avoid my run.  I went to a doctor’s appointment mid-morning and was home by 10:45am.  I decided if I was going to call my dad back and get the news I was sure he had called to give me, that I needed to go for a run first because I would be too upset to do so afterward.  So, I went for a 3 mile run in the 86°-but-feels-like-93° temperature.  It was rough.  I wanted to stop and rest or stop and walk so bad.  But, seeing as how I didn’t start running until 11, I didn’t have the TIME to stop running.  My miles were slow, almost 12 min/mi slow…but I didn’t stop and walk or stop and rest once.  I got back home, stretched and showered and then called my dad back.  He didn’t answer.  But then, he was at work so I kind figured he wouldn’t answer anyway.  I left a message and said I’d call him when I got home Monday night.  Then, on my way to work, my mom sent me a message that said my grandpa had passed away Sunday night…about 45 minutes before my dad had called me.

SO, the good news is I’ve started running again…which is great because as you’ll recall, I signed up for a MARATHON in December, which means I had to start training THIS WEEK.  I was a little lot worried that because I had taken that month off of running that I wasn’t going to be adequately trained and ready for my marathon on marathon day.  Then I watched last week’s Extreme Weight Loss with Sara Murphy…the “little person” with a lot of weight to lose.  Her milestone that Chris gave her was to run a half marathon at her 6 month weigh in.  A few weeks into her phase 2 (second 3 months of the year long process, in case you don’t watch the show), she called Chris and said she didn’t want to run a half marathon…she wanted to run a full marathon!  And if Sara Murphy, a “little person” with absolutely no experience running more than a mile before her participation with this show can train for a marathon (albeit she did hit the wall around mile 20...but she finished!!!) in less than 3 months, then I should be okay.  I kept the DVR recording of the show because that is my favorite episode of that show and I want to watch it again when if I'm feeling defeated in my marathon training.  Sara Murphy is just plain awesome.  She never made excuses or took the easy way.  She powered through it and she more than succeeded.
she lost 56% of her original body weight!!!
When I got paid last week, I signed up for the Frozen Hot Chocolate 10K on September 6th and the Run With The Heroes 5K on September 14th.  I decided Sunday that I wanted to find a race to do in October.  Well, I found the Hill Country Marathon & Half Marathon.  Guess what I’m going to do?  Yep, the Hill Country Half Marathon!  I think I will have enough on my next check to register for it so I’ll register for that at the end of this month.  I figure it will be a great mid-training training run for me.  Plus, it’ll get me some more bling!  And we all know how much I love me some bling!

And now for this week’s Friend Making Monday questions!  This week's is totally random and is based on things I have read about this week.

1. If you were given $10,000 and told you could donate it to a single charity of your choosing, what charity would you choose?
Wounded Warriors.  No thought needed for that.

2. If you were given $10,000 to spend on yourself (not to treat others or give away), what would you buy?
I actually would pay off my credit card debt first, then I would probably, honestly, put the rest in savings.

3. Toilet paper (or loo roll as we say in England) do you have it hanging over or under on the roll?
Over the top!

4. When you drink your water do you like it plain or with a slice of fruit?
I either like just plain water or flavored sparkly water.

5. Are you left handed, right handed or ambidextrous?
Right handed, but sort of ambidextrous.  I can write (slowly) with my left hand and I can use a baseball bat left handed and I believe I cartwheel left handed.  But I cannot throw a ball left handed.

6. Thinking of the amazing Robin Williams who passed away this week :( What is your favorite Robin Williams movie?
probably Aladdin

7. Do you prefer cow's milk or a different kind of milk?
I love cow’s milk but if I use milk for cereal or a recipe, I usually use almond milk

8. Do you prefer to read an actual book or on an electronic device?
An actual book

9. Oatmeal - hot or cold?

10. Pies - sweet or savory?
Definitely sweet.  I love a rhubarb or rhubarb-strawberry pie.  Yum!

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