Friday, October 10, 2014

7 Things + A TMI Survey

7 things about myself:
• I love to run (duh)
• I love cats
• I’m a total nerd and love comics and video games, etc
• I was a vehicle mechanic in the US Army
• I made honor roll in high school
• I’ve never been to college
• I love doing crafts

TMI Survey
Here’s a little TMI about me:

1. What are you wearing?
At the very moment I’m typing up my answers to this, I’m at work, so I’m wearing my sheriff’s uniform…not very exciting

2. Ever been in love?
Yes…unfortunately.  I say that because it has never brought me anything but grief.

3. Ever had a terrible breakup?
yes, I’ve had a few.  The one that really messed me up on pretty much ever dating again was a guy I dated 4 years ago.  He was cheating on me over the internet with different women and my anxiety level was super high for the last couple months of the “relationship” as a result.  When we finally went our separate ways, it was after he had moved out of my apartment and basically right across the hall from me with the vow of us “working it out.”  Baloney.  He proceeded to move a 19 year old girl in and parade her in front of me for the next year and a half until he FINALLY moved out.  For that entire year and a half, I was in limbo.  I could not move on because every time I came out of my apt I saw his car, his motorcycle, her car, or him/them.  about 2 years ago, I “dated” a guy for a little over a month and when he broke up with me because I didn’t want children (he knew this week 1 and waited until week 6 to break up with me), he decided that while breaking up with me would be a great time to tell me, for the first time, that he loved me.  Douche.  Total douche.

4. How tall are you?

5. How much do you weigh?
I am in the process of losing weight, but at this time, I weigh 192.

6. Any tattoos?
currently, I have 37 with plans for many, many more. 

7. Any piercings?
I have 0g “holes” in my lobes, plus a regular earring piercing above those.  I’ve *had* many piercings in the past, but I’ve taken them all out (eyebrow, industrial, tragus, nostril, septum, tongue, snakebites, nipples and naval)

8. Favorite song?
A Horse With No Name by America

9. Quality you look for in a partner?
with all I’ve been through in the past, I would say honesty

10. Favorite quote?
this is a paraphrased quote by JFK: “we do these things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”  This is also one of my planned future tattoos

11. Favorite actor?
Morgan Freeman (favorite actress is Tilda Swinton)

12. Loud music or soft?
it really depends on what kind of music I’m listening to and what my mood is at the time.  Or, for instance, what situation I’m in.  I will listen to music louder while running during the day than I will if running at night

13. Where do you go when you’re sad?
running.  When I first learned of my grandpa’s health situation late last year, I couldn’t handle the grief, so I went for a run and then was able to think clearly and logically about it.  running is where I run through all my thoughts and just think. 

14. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
I can wake up, get dressed and be out the door in as little as 20 minutes.  However that rarely happens.  Especially with the diet I’m on right now.  There is so much food prep and not all can be done on the weekend…some has to be done the day I’m eating it, so it can take about an hour to do all that plus do my usual get ready for work stuff.  But, getting ready for work just involves throwing on my uniform and pulling my hair up…which is done very simply.  And I only wear makeup if I am going to a formal or semi-formal type event…so once, twice, maaaaaaybe three times a year

15. Ever been in a physical fight?
yes, I’ve been in a couple.  If you consider at work as well (I work in a jail), I’ve been quite a few “altercations” 

16. Turn on?
frankly, I don’t really have one anymore.  At least, nothing specific.  And, even if I did, I’ve been single for 4 years now so I wouldn’t remember what it is anyway

17. Turn off?
Smoking, shorter than me, shouting, obesity, laziness

18. Fears?
financial ruin, dogs not on leashes, serious injury prohibiting me from running, and gaining a lot of weight.  Also, spiders, heights and open bodies of water.

19. Last thing that made you cry?
some sappy video on facebook…haha!

20. Last time you said you loved someone?
no clue

21. Meaning behind your YouTube name?
Not applicable.

22. The relationship between you and the last person you texted?
we’re friends

23. Favorite food?
cheese, and anything involving cheese (queso, pizza, mac n cheese, etc).  really, honestly, most healthy food is yummy…if it’s made right, of course. 

24. Place you want to visit?
Ireland, Egypt, china, japan, and a cruise around the gulf of Mexico  

25. Do you have a crush?
yea, I have a few and none of them will pan out…and not because they may or may not be crushing me back, but because I am now a person with a commitment problem.

26. Last time you kissed someone?
pretty sure I kissed my cat the other day…not on the lips, on his forehead 

27. Last time you were insulted?
I wrote about it last week.  I received a fairly nasty message on facebook from some anonymous person that was too scared to use their real name.  it didn’t even affect me, other than I feel sorry for that person that they feel the need to say nasty things to other people in order to make themselves feel better.  I won’t even justify them by telling anyone what they said.  It really means nothing to me and I forget about it until and unless someone asks about it.

28. Favorite piece of jewelry?
my blue topaz and diamond set in 10K white gold ring.  I love it. it’s gorgeous.  It’s my favorite shape: triangle.  And it’s my birth stone.  And I get loads of compliments on it all the time!

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  1. Wow ... that is some awful crap you have been put through. I appreciate that you chose to share with your readers ... not easy. People can be such scumbags ... and I agree with Honesty as a key trait, I consider that true even though I've been happily married more than 22 years. Thanks again for sharing.


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