Saturday, December 20, 2014

Biggest Loser 90-day Challenge

Okay, so this actually started on Monday, the 15th.  I'm a little behind.  I've been so busy this week and just haven't found the time to write up this post.  But, it's sort of fitting that I do it today because starting next Saturday, I will be doing weekly weigh-ins and recaps of my week.  Every 30 days (counted from the 15th), I will post a "Biggest Loser Challenge" update which will include my weight, my measurements, how many inches I have lost so far and the percentage of weight loss I have experienced.  So, let's kick this off!  Starting with my logo for the challenge:
I'm really excited about this challenge and I do invite you to "play" along.  I challenge YOU to do what you can to reach your health and fitness goals within the next 90 days.  When I post my weekly weigh-ins and recaps on Saturdays, I invite you to post your own weekly updates in the comments.  We can support each other and motivate each other!  Here are the measurements and pictures I took on Tuesday morning (I was out of town for my marathon still):

Every Saturday, I will post a picture of the scale.  I will probably save the progress photos of myself for the every 30 day Biggest Loser Challenge updates.

What to expect to see in my weekly recaps, you ask.  Well, here's a rundown of what I will be updating and recapping each Saturday:
• my current weight
• my week in exercise
• an average day of food for me
• how many calories I consumed all week
• how many calories I burned through exercise all week
I should note that my weeks, for the purpose of these recaps will run from Saturday morning until Friday evening.

If you're going to join me in this 90-day challenge, post your goals in the comments of this post.

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