Thursday, December 11, 2014

Marathon Nerves

So, yesterday, I officially started getting the jitters about my marathon...which is just a little over 48 hours away from now.  EEEK!!!!  Yes, I've put in the work and I've put in the miles.  Based on a lot of marathon training plans that I've found in books, I went above and beyond what they laid out.  I've gotten up super early, as early as 3:30am sometimes, to make sure I got my runs in.  I did the super long runs...up to 22 miles (which is all that is recommended...they say, if you can run 22 miles, then you can run 26.2...logic).  I know I'm ready, but there's a small part of me that squeaks out "what if"...what if it wasn't enough.  What if the 22 mile run that sucked wind wasn't a fluke that was the result of poor eating habits the 24-48 hours prior to running it?  What if you can't keep up with the 5:30 pace group?  What if you can't finish within the 6.5 hour time limit?  What if it DOES rain like the forecast says it will and you don't look cute in your official race photos?  (okay, I know this one is a little petty, but I'm seriously nervous about it)  What if when I'm crossing the finish line I'm totally spent and can't do a victory leap in the air?  Or, what if I do that and the photographers suck and fail to capture the moment?

Well, I've decided that if it DOES rain (and I'm pretty much expecting the forecast to stay the same: 100% chance of rain), that I will not wear rain gear.  Maybe this is stupid of me...maybe it's not.  I'll wear a white short-sleeved running shirt with my "BIRTHDAY GIRL" tank top on top of it.  I'll wear my visor to keep the rain out of my eyes and I'll wear my pink BondiBand with a bow screenprinted on it on top of the visor.  Instead of my beloved Red Fox Wireless Edge bluetooth earphones, I'll wear my wired Skull Candy earbuds.  I'll ziploc baggie my cellphone (I do this anyway because of sweating).  In my gear check, I will put a sweater and dry shirt.  I still need to find a decent, but not expensive, pair of padded flip flops to wear after I finish to put in my gear check too.

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  1. If it rains, I think it will only be in the last hour or so for you. That's what I'm hoping for you!


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