Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Biggest Loser Challenge 30-ish Day Check In

Over the last almost a month, I have been ACTIVELY trying to lose weight…for the most part.  The first almost 2 weeks, I managed to gain 3 pounds.  On my third weigh in, I had turned around what I was doing and started saying “no” to foods I “shouldn’t” be eating (foods not on my eating plan or that I didn’t have the exercise calories to cover) so I was no longer eating over the calorie allowance I had decided on for my daily intake (1900, if you’re curious).  I saw a drop of 5 lbs from the previous week and a drop of 2.4 lbs from the first weigh in for this challenge.  YAY!  Then, this past Saturday when I weighed in, I had dropped another 2.4 lbs, so a total loss of 4.8 since I started.  And, of course, this morning, I took my measurements again, new progress photos and weighed in again.
Unfortunately, the scale said EXACTLY the same thing it said on Saturday, but that is most likely due to the fact that I have ran for the last few days without any rest days, so I'm probably retaining fluid or something.  We'll see what it says on Saturday.

Since the 15th of last month, I have made an effort to add exercises other than running to my weekly exercise.  However, I haven’t always succeeded in actually doing them.  I did some circuit strength training at the gym followed by some Zumba the first Saturday of the challenge.  Same thing the second Saturday.  However, come the third Saturday, I was sick and even though I wanted to do it, I just did not feel up to it…also, I had to do my cooking and meal prep (which I usually do on Sundays but I wasn’t going to have time on Sunday, so did it on Saturday) for the following week.  This past Saturday, the fourth in the challenge, I went to the gym to do strength training, but there were way too many people there for me to be able to do that.  But, I did do my Zumba Core on the Xbox Kinect for 45 minutes and I did a new workout DVD by Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown (I’m going to do a little DVD review of it after I’ve done the second workout on the DVD this Saturday).  I then, of course, also did my 4 days of running each week.

I have spent the last month learning how to turn of the false hunger signals that were instigated by my emotions.  That has helped me greatly with staying within the caloric parameters I have set for myself.  Also, eating quality foods and making sure that I have a variety in the dinners I eat each night (read: I no longer make myself eat the same thing every night for a week or more at a time).  I also change up the cereal I eat for breakfast every few weeks.  And I like to change up my snacks every now and then as well, but I make sure that at least one of them is a fruit or veggie.

Ideas for healthy snacks:
• apples
• baked beets
• side salad with a light dressing (I’m lazy and don’t make them myself…I get mine from Randall’s…AKA Safeway or Tom Thumb)
• Greek yogurt
• 2 oz hummus with multi-grain pita chips, 100-calorie pack of pretzels, or carrots
• grilled veggies
• rice cake with natural peanut butter or unsalted almond butter

You get the idea.

I got to do some cold weather running, which I absolutely LOVE!  I just love layering and bundling up so much more than I like suffering when it’s so ridiculously hot like it can get in central Texas.  I also have quite the collection of long-sleeved running gear that I only get to wear when it’s below 40°…which doesn’t happen often in central Texas.  And I love wearing them because…well…because they have THUMBHOLES!!!  Haha.  Yea, I’m a running dork.  The only thing I don’t like about cold weather running is if it’s windy.  I HATE cold wind…it sucks the warmth right out of you, even when properly layered and wearing a balaclava to protect my neck.  I never pull it up over my face because I don’t like how it feels when I breathe through it.

If you are interested in seeing what I’m actually eating, you can friend me on MyFitnessPal under the name “SaraRunsThisWeigh.”

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  1. Whenever I'm in official training mode (so Jan-Oct usually), my running buddies and I have a routine of doing pushups after our weekday runs. It's usually just a few minutes, and we do a pyramid starting at 7 and increasing each week. I always tell myself 80 or more pushups per week is better than nothing! I do boot camp also, but the post-run pushups are a staple for me.


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