Saturday, January 3, 2015

Weekly Weigh-In & Recap

This week was better than last week…eating-wise, at least.  I had a large speedbump (you know those road humps that are like speedbumps on steroids?  Yea, one of those) this week.  I started feeling not so spry last Friday.  I opted to sleep in Friday morning and skip my 3 mile run I had scheduled.  It was only 3 miles and I figured the extra sleep would be better for me.  I was right, however, it made it a little difficult to sleep that night and I had to get up by 4:30am the next morning for an overtime shift at work.  I had planned to do my 35 minutes at the gym followed by my Zumba core on the Xbox and then maybe make up the 3 mile run.  Six hours into the 8 hour shift, they sent me home as they didn’t need me anymore.  I was feeling tired and thought I’d lay down for an hour when I got home.  Yea, like 4 hours later I woke up and was super blah.  I stayed up for 7 hours and was then fighting my eyelids again, so I went back to bed and slept for TWELVE HOURS!!!  I got up a little after noon on Sunday.  Then I procrastinated before finally getting going with what needed to be done…a 13.1 mile run, picking up a prescription from the pharmacy, cooking.  I was then up until 2am, but didn’t get to sleep until after 3, after I took half of a sleeping pill and the proceeded to sleep horribly until my alarm went off at 9 so I could run 9 miles before work.  

Let's kick this off with the weigh-in:
That's a 5 lb loss from last Saturday, but a 2.4 lb loss from the first weigh in for the Biggest Loser challenge.  YAY!

So, here’s my breakdown for exercise for this week:

• Saturday: nothing...felt sick.
• Sunday: ran 13.1 miles and PR’ed the distance.  My previous PR was from the very first time I ever ran 13.1 miles.  I did it in 2:24:08.  This time I did it in 2:23:46, a full 22 seconds faster!  Granted, that’s not a HUGE difference, but when you take into consideration that I haven’t run that distance that “fast” since July 2013, that’s really something. 

• Monday: ran 9 miles.  I felt like hell during this run.  I woke up in so much pain from Sunday’s PR run.  Everything hurt.  My quads, my hammies, my inner thighs, my calves, my abs.  My lower back hurt too, but that was from being horizontal for so many hours Saturday night and Sunday morning/mid-day.  I started running and I just felt so slow.  So. Slow.  It sucked.  I figured after a couple/few miles my legs would loosen up and I could pick up the pace, but no such luck.  My legs stayed stiff and sore the entire 9 miles.  At around mile 2.5, I thought that I could just do 4 and do the 9 later in the week.  I decided that wasn’t an option.  Then I started thinking that I could just cut it short a smidge and run 8 miles.  I again decided that wasn’t an option.  I slogged out the whole 9 miles.  I hated every minute of it too.  The whole 9 miles I just wanted it to be over.  I hate runs like this.  But, I won’t let it get me down…and I didn’t.

• Tuesday: nothing, worked a double shift Monday night and slept Tuesday morning and then went straight back to work in the early afternoon.
• Wednesday: ran 7 miles.  The soreness from Sunday’s “super fast” half marathon was finally mostly gone…YAY!  It was pretty cold out, though.  The temp read 37°…feels like 27°…both when I started my run and when I got done with it.  The temp didn’t change one bit in the hour and 20 minutes-ish that I was out running.  I layered up really good, so that helped.  I bought these leggings from the department store about a month or so ago and I wore them as my base layer and was pleasantly surprised to find out they were fleece-lined!  So I was quite toasty.  About 2 miles into my run, my hands got hot so I took my gloves off.  It really wouldn’t have been bad at all if it wasn’t for the wind!

• Thursday: nothing…again, worked a double shift Wednesday, so was sleeping in the morning and going back to work early afternoon.
• Friday: nothing.  I ended up at the urgent care doctor and was diagnosed with a sinus infection AND an ear infection.  Let me just tell you...I hate ear drops.  I haven't had ear drops since I was very small.  I hate them.  But, they cost a pretty penny so I'll be using them...and also, I want my ear to stop feeling like someone stabbed it with an icepick.  On the plus side, I did get a shot of my vitals from my visit and check out that pulse!  That's a "runner's pulse"!!!
I did eat out a few times this week.  I was hoping to start the whole “no fast/junk food” challenge again, but that didn’t happen…not this week anyway.  But, I did stay within my calories, even if the food wasn’t the best choices I could have made.  Sunday was a bacon cheeseburger and fries from my favorite burger joint.  Monday was a steak finger basket from DQ.  Monday was also a venti skinny mocha and a spicy chicken biscuit from 7-11.  But, like I said, all within my calorie ranges for each day.

Without exercise, my daily food intake looks something like this:
• breakfast: 2 farm fresh eggs, scrambled with a little bit of sea salt & a bowl of high fiber, low sugar cereal with almond milk
• lunch: a nitrate-free lunchmeat sandwich with light mayo on 2 slices of sprouted grain bread
• dinner: one of my pre-prepared entrees that I’ve cooked during my “What’s Cookin’ Sunday”
• snacks: large honeycrisp apple (or 2 small ones) and 2 low calorie/low fat/low sugar Greek yogurts

If I’ve worked out, I’ll add some multigrain pita chips with some lemon hummus, another piece of fruit, a Clif bar, an extra egg at breakfast, some low calorie crockpot beans, you get the idea.  I do try to keep it healthy…but I don’t always succeed.  Sometimes I just want what is fast and easy.  Honestly, though, the things I listed as healthy additions if I’ve worked out, ARE fast and easy.  I’m not sure why I think they’re not and that I need to go get in the car, drive somewhere and pay extra money for food when I have perfectly good and good for me food at home that is ready to go and already paid for…and cheaper than what I drove to go get at the fast food place.

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