Saturday, January 24, 2015

Weigh In & Recap


I bought a new heart rate monitor this week!  It’s the Polar M400 and it may be a little overkill.  See, I didn’t realize this until after I clicked “complete purchase” that it has GPS.  This is fine, but I don’t really need GPS on something that will primarily be worn in the gym and during home workouts.  But, I suppose if I wanted to just go for a walk instead of a run, then I could wear the M400.  But, I don’t really go for walks all that often.  I mean, it can be used for a backup for my Garmin.  Say, I forget to charge the Garmin…well, I can just use the Polar because it holds a charge longer as it’s meant to be worn 24/7 (not in the shower, of course) as a general activity tracker.  But, the reason I didn’t just get a new regular Polar HRM is because this one also has all sorts of other data on it that I will happily jot down somewhere.  Haha.  If I haven’t said it before, let me say it now…I am a data junkie…big time!  But, really, a LOT of runners are.  I’m sure I’ll really love my new M400 the more I use it. (I will post a review of my experience of using it within the next couple weeks)

Here’s a run-down of this week’s exercise!

• Saturday: I made it to the gym!!!  *cue choir singing hallelujah*  Did my 2 circuits of the circuit training area at Planet Fitness (minus the step cardio in between machines, of course), then went home and did some Zumba Core on the Xbox Kinect.  I was going to do level 2 of my new Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown, but my heart rate monitor died.  Wah wah. 
• Sunday: ran 19 very speedy (for me) miles.  Like, seriously.  During this 19 miles, I re-PR’ed the half marathon distance by a whopping 5:26 minutes, I hit the 17 mile mark 10 minutes faster than last week’s 17 mile finish AND I finished the 19 miles 26:33 minutes faster than when I hit the 19 mile mark during my 19.5 mile run I did Nov. 20th.  What the what?!?!?!  But, I was so sore that I slept horribly Sunday night.  I need to slow down on my long runs so I still have fresh legs when the Austin Marathon rolls around Feb. 15th.  I don’t want to overdo it or hurt myself.
• Monday: did a 4 mile shakeout run and, unlike last week, I now know what a shakeout run is supposed to be.  Slow.  Which was totally fine because even if I had wanted to go faster, I physically couldn’t do it.  I’m sure when I started the run that it looked hilarious…kind of a hobbling shuffle.  The legs loosened up at about the 2 mile mark and, while still slow, it didn’t hurt as much anymore.  I also wore my new Mizuno Wave Creation 15’s for this run and I have to say…I really like them.  They felt good.  My arches were a little achy post-run, but that’s just because these are neutral shoes and not support shoes.  I was thinking I could get some inserts, but the shoes don’t have any wiggle room in them so I don’t think inserts would fit.  I’ll just freeze a couple small water bottles or use my lacrosse ball to roll my arches after I run in them. 
• Tuesday: ran 5 miles at an 11 min per mile pace.  Faster than Monday but definitely still feeling it from Sunday’s ridiculously fast long run. 
• Wednesday: I was still sore from Sunday’s run (shocker!  Haha), so I decided to give my legs a break from running and hit the gym *cue choir singing hallelujah again* and some Zumba Core for my workout.  This was also my first workouts with my new Polar M400.  I was a little taken aback by the fact that when I wore it for my strength training circuit that it said I only burned 65 calories.  My Polar FT4 usually says 200-something.  For Zumba, it said 451, which is about the same as the FT4 would say, so I’m just guessing this one is a little more accurate.  (stay tuned in the next couple weeks, I’m going to do a review of the M400 and related items)
• Thursday: worked a 16 hour shift at work, so no workout today.  However!  I did wear my new M400 all day at work…since it’s an activity tracker on top of everything else and can be worn all day/night to see your activity and sleep stats. 
• Friday: ran a cold, wet 7 miles.  Also wore my M400 along with my Garmin for this run.  Guess I should have put it in workout mode because even though I was running for over an hour, it said I was only running for 30 minutes.  But, it did say, by the time I got done, that I had completed my whole day’s worth of activity.  So, I’ll wear it again when I run one of my shorter runs next week and will remember to put it in workout tracking mode.

Had a few non-scale victories (NSV) this week!  First, on Saturday, after I went to a toy & comic convention with a couple of my friends, I went to Chick-fil-a for lunch.  I was going to get the regular chicken sandwich with some waffle fries.  Then I took the calories and such into consideration.  Even if I got the small waffle fries, it was still a large amount of calories, so I perused the board as I was considering leaving and going next door to subway when I spied their salads.  Now, Chick-fil-a is one of the fast food places that posts the estimated calorie count of their food.  Their Asian Chicken salad looked really good and was conservative with the calories, so that’s what I got and I did not regret my choice at all.  It was as yummy as it sounded and saved me over 300 calories and the calories I got were from fresh foods and good protein.  Second, last year, I joined Team RWB (red, white, blue).  This is an organization that helps “enrich the lives of veterans” and offers free membership to veterans.  With my membership, they sent me a free team tech shirt.  I ordered a women’s large and when it arrived and I tried it on, I was very sad to discover that it was super tight and therefore completely uncomfortable to wear, especially for running in.  Well, I put this shirt on for this day’s run and what do you know but it fit perfectly!!!  Love it!  Now I can’t wait to wear it for one of the 5K’s I will run this year! 

This week’s snacks were these multigrain chips
with hummus, and yogurts.  I tried these new yogurts this week, they’re the Dannon Light & Fit Greek.  Soooooo good.  And only 80 calories!  The perfect little light snack to make the hungry monster go away.  Monday I also had an avocado because it was in my fridge and needed to be eaten, so I ate it.  And it was delicious.  Next week, I'll have 2 grapefruits each day for one of my snacks since it’s now citrus season now! 

One of the ladies brought in a pastries platter to work on Thursday afternoon.  Seeing as how Thursday was my 16 hour work day, even though I wasn’t hungry, a pastry sounded like a great idea.  So, I grabbed a coffee cake muffin and it was delicious.  It also hit my stomach and poofed up and made me feel ultra full.  I don’t regret it because it was yummy and I was going for my 7 mile run the next morning, but I was kind of wishing I had skipped it shortly after eating it.  And then, it ruined my appetite for the rest of the evening.  HA!

I didn’t do a What’s Cookin’ Sunday installment this week.  I was just so tired from running so hard for 19 miles that I just wanted to eat and then go to bed.  Which is what I did.  I mean, I had all the ingredients for what I was going to cook, I was just too tired to do it.  So, don’t worry, there will be a WCS tomorrow.

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