Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weekly Weigh In & Recap

How do I feel about this?  Sigh.  I feel so much about this.  This is ridiculous.  This is going in the wrong direction.  However, I only have myself to blame.  Sure, it was my placebo week with my birth control, which translate to it basically being that time of the month for me (but I don't have an actual period) and I could blame that.  Sure, I was depressed because I hadn't run all week after the marathon on Sunday.  Sure, I could blame the uncontrolled eating of junk food on either or both of those things, but I won't.  I'm going to take responsibility for what I've done and just go from where I am.  So, as of the start of the Biggest Loser Challenge I'm doing, I have lost 5.4 lbs.  I'm frustrated with this, but I'm also owning it.

Okay, so this week has been all over the place.  I was going to do a 3 mile SLOW shake out run on Saturday to just get my legs warmed up for Sunday’s marathon.  However, my left knee started hurting Thursday evening for no reason.  After a lot of thought and remembering when my right hip bursa starting hurting in much the same way (not doing anything at all…just sitting) that it was most likely the knee joint bursa was inflamed.  But, anyway, I nixed the plan to run at all on Saturday, choosing to save my knee and such for the marathon and hope for the best.  I had decided earlier in the week that I would not be making a trip to the gym or doing any Zumba on Saturday because I didn’t want my legs to be tired from lifting weights and doing Zumba.  So, all I did on Saturday was eat, hydrate and attend the expo.

• Saturday: nothing, rested.
• Sunday: RAN A MARATHON!!!  Marathon #2 to be specific!  I won’t go into detail on this as I will be posting the recap of my race experience within the next week and that will be super detailed.  I had a goal – to run it in less than 5 hours.  I met that goal. 

• Monday: nothing, rested.  My legs were so sore and my sergeant at work was laughing at me all day because I was walking funny and having all sorts of issues with the stairs.
• Tuesday: I had planned to hit the gym for some strength training AND use the stationary bike for at least 30 minutes.  However, I had to make a trip to UPS to ship off my m400 to the company I bought it from so they could then send me a replacement because mine stopped responding when I would plug it in to charge or sync with my computer.  So, I just had time to do the strength training, but it was a good session and I’m glad I had time to do it.  I did get on the rowing machine at work for 2000 meters, which, since I didn’t have anyone to socialize with this time, I rowed it about a minute faster than last week.

• Wednesday: worked a double shift at work, no exercise.
• Thursday: worked a double shift at work, no exercise.
• Friday: nothing.  I was flat out lazy and didn’t get out of bed until it was far too late to do any kind of exercise before going to work.

My food was okay this week.  Yep, just okay.  I know I was feeling frustrated from the small gain I had last week…and I let it get to me with my eating this week.  I didn’t super overdo it, but I did eat a gas station burrito, some cake, cookies, and a sugary muffin…ugh.  But, I cannot change what I’ve done.  I can only accept it and move forward and try to make better decisions in the coming days and weeks.

I’m going to be honest.  Other than the marathon, this week sucked and I hated it.  I was lazy or overeating at some point all week.  I have to say that, even though I like eating salad, the salads for lunch this week just did not do it for me.  So, back to sandwiches next week.  I am really disappointed in how this week went.  Part of it was due to the placement of two 16-hour shifts at work on Tuesday and Wednesday overnights, so no working out at all on Wednesday or Thursday because of that, otherwise I would have went for a run on probably Wednesday.  I’m very unhappy with myself that I allowed myself to be lazy and stay in bed yesterday, but there’s nothing I can do now to change what I did then.  I just have to accept it and move on.  That’s my theme for this coming week.  Acceptance and learning to move on despite setbacks.  All I can do is vow to make better choices this next week.  One thing I am definitely going to work on is snacking less and making the food I do eat count more.  Even though I still have plenty of the little whole wheat melba toast and hummus, I’m nixing that snack for at least this next week.  I also want to make some roasted brussels sprouts to take for a snack.  I'm also going to nix the yogurts for now.  And maybe…hmm…maybe instead of sandwiches, maybe I’ll do some quinoa with pinto beans?  Hmm.  That with an avocado on the side maybe?  I’m trying to be more inventive with my food and eat more food that is nutrient packed.

Also, something else I’m going to start doing this next week…What I Ate Wednesday.  It’s a concept that they do on a couple other blogs I read and I think if I take a moment every week to go over what I ate in the week before that, that it will help me stay on track.  It’ll all be out there for you guys to see.  There will be no hiding from it.  I will HAVE to hold myself accountable for what I decide to stuff in my mouth.  And, well, I don’t want to look like a fool.  So, wish me luck.

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  1. Awesome job on hitting your goal on Sunday! You're unstoppable!


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