Friday, March 6, 2015

What I Ate...cough...Wednesday

First, I want to say that I flubbed with last week’s WIAW post.  I had meant to post only Sunday thru Tuesday but added in Wednesday as well since I was posting at the end of the day, after work, after I had done all my eating for Wednesday.  So, maybe…maybe I will just go with that and it’ll be Thursday thru Wednesday.

Second, I want to say, I’m sorry I didn’t post this on Wednesday.  I worked two 16 hour shifts 2 days in a row and didn’t have time to post it.  But, next week I should be back on schedule with posting the WIAW on Wednesday.  Haha.

• Thursday: this was a no exercise day because I worked a 16 hour shift at work, so I had to really “work it” with the food and stay within my 1700 calorie allowance.  BIG SUCCESS!  I love these little mini sweet peppers.  One serving, 3 of them, is only 25 calories.  I grab 6 and put them in a baggie to take to work and they are FANTASTIC for using as, what I will call, “filler food.”  This means that when I’m feeling snacky, but I’m not really hungry, I can just grab a baggie of mini peppers and it’s only 50 calories and it satisfies the snackiness.  And they’re a little sweet, so any sweet tooth tendencies I may have at that moment will also be satisfied.  WIN-WIN!  So, this was day 4 of my new “plan.”  I like how I’m just not feeling “emotionally hungry,” you know what I mean?  That hunger that isn’t hunger.  That feeling of wanting to stuff your face because you’re bored or upset in some way.  Yea.  I haven’t had that for 4 days at this point and I REALLY like it.  I’m eating mostly whole, fresh, unprocessed foods (as you can see in my MyFitnessPal entries). 

• Friday: we had a going away party for one of our co-workers at work this day.  There was cake, chips & salsa, deviled eggs, homemade potato & boiled egg salad, fried chicken, and a fruit tray.  I had a little bit of the potato/egg salad and a slice of cake.  I brought my quinoa and beans to work with me to eat.  I also brought what was left of the grapes and some of the mini sweet peppers.  You see, I had no intentions of eating ANY of the food that was laid out at work, but I waited a little too long to eat my quinoa and beans and my blood sugar dropped and I got the shakes and general yucky feeling associated with that…so I decided one slice of cake wouldn’t hurt, so I got one.  And it’s true, one slice of cake (or any food in moderation, really…this is a well-known factoid) is not the end of the world and won’t impact things overall…so long as it is ONLY ONE SLICE (however, it ended up being 2 slices…wah wah).  After work, we all headed over to the Texas Chili Parlor for a general get together to finish wishing him off to his next adventure.  Last time we went there for a retirement party, one of the guys got these nachos that I just drooled over, but since I had already ordered and eaten something else, I didn’t get them.  Well, I didn’t end up getting them because when I looked at the menu, I realized that they had no meat in them.  Ugh.  I like some meat in my nachos!  So I got a bacon cheeseburger instead with pasta salad on the side.  YUM!  No “extra” calories from exercise this day.

• Saturday: day before the marathon, so not really counting calories this day.  There was no exercise so no “extra” calories earned that could be added to my calorie allowance for the day.  There was my now standard day-before-a-marathon meal of shrimp alfredo.  There was also Totino’s pizzas…shameful.  I ate my alfredo too early in the afternoon so I was all famished by dinner time and completely overdid it. 

• Sunday: the marathon happened this day, so I earned well over 3000 “extra” calories that I could eat on top of my normal 1700.  I opted to get me some Panda Express since I was sort of craving Chinese food.  By the time the day was over and done with, I still had almost an entire day of calories left over as a deficit.

• Monday: back on plan today.  And, not only was I back on plan, but with a new lunch!  I decided sometime last week that I wanted to do spring rolls, so I found a recipe for them and I made them, along with a peanut dipping sauce (the recipe will be with this weekend’s What’s Cookin’ Sunday post if you’re interested in it).  The short story of it is that they are AH-MAY-ZING.  I’m totally making them again for next week’s lunches as I bought way more of the supplies for it than I actually needed.  And they’re so simple to make once you get the hang of rolling them up.

• Tuesday: discovered that I probably didn’t have my original Polar M400 synced with my heart rate monitor because my calorie burn for my strength training session was way higher (like 4 times higher) than it showed to be on the original watch I returned.  So, I had more available calories for this day than I had expected to have.  Food went as planned again.  Had a 16 hour shift at work and took extra of the mini sweet peppers because they’re great for feeling full but not breaking the calorie bank.  I took 3 bags that were 2 servings each with me (they’re 25 calories per 3 pepper serving, so I put 6 peppers in a bag and call good) and took 1 bag back home with me uneaten.  Didn’t earn any “extra” calories from exercise this day.

• Wednesday: another good day.  I’m feeling really good about the foods I’m eating and the amount of food that I’m eating.  It’s just enough.  And I’m having fun finding new things to switch up my lunches and snacks with to keep it fresh.  I’m also trying to keep the majority of my foods as “real” food…you know, fresh, whole, mostly unprocessed foods.

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