Thursday, March 12, 2015

WIAW (late!)

This Friday, my group finishes up their Biggest Loser Challenge!  I’m so excited to weigh in and see what my final numbers are.  I know I didn’t win the challenge, but that’s okay.  I lost weight, started eating healthier on a more regular basis, added more non-running workouts to my regimen so I’m still a winner in the end.  The last couple weeks I have also been victorious in my efforts at sticking to my eating plans and eating more healthy and whole and fresh foods.  This week is no different.  Now, as per kind of usual, on the weekends, after I’ve weighed in on Saturday morning, I do tend to do a cheat meal or two because I have the “whole week to burn it off.”

Last week’s WIAW got posted a day late due to my work schedule but still cut off with last Wednesday’s food diary.  So, here’s from last Thursday through today.

• Thursday: this was the first day after I had just worked two 16-hour days at work in a row.  During my longer than usual work hours, I did manage to get on the rowing machine so I could get at least some sort of exercise.  That also helped with my food choices.  The rowing added 100-200 or so calories to my allowance for the day and when you’re at work for 16 hours, you need more food than usual.  You also start feeling snackier than usual especially if you get bored.  That’s why I keep the mini sweet peppers on hand.  High volume, super low calorie count.  A great filler food.
• Friday: just an average day.
• Saturday: I don’t even really want to talk about this day.  It started off just fine.  I mean, I had some breakfast tacos that were a little high in calories at work.  I worked overtime on the morning shift (also my day off).  I decided I would go see McFarland, USA at a “dinner and a movie” movie theater.  I got the meat lover’s pizza and a chocolate shake.  All of this would have been okay had I actually gone to the gym and did strength training and rode the stationary bike like I had planned on doing.  But, by the time I had planned to go to the gym rolled around, I had a full blown migraine and even after taking medicine for it, I still felt horrible, so I just went to bed. 
• Sunday: a much better day than Saturday.  Even though I went out to eat for lunch, it was BBQ, so therefore it wasn’t super high in calories because the stuff that was high in calories came in small portions so it was okay.  I had planned on running 10 miles, but the migraine I had Saturday evening/night made me just want to stay in bed and not want to get up on Sunday.  The time I got up wouldn’t have been such a huge issue had it not been for daylight savings time.  Ugh.  So, by the time I got up on Sunday, it was afternoon.  So, I got up, did my grocery shopping and got to cooking.  I had planned to cook about 4 different things, but only got 2 of them done.  Argh!  I obviously didn’t get the run done, so I had hopes of hitting the gym for some strength training, even if it was 10:30pm when I went.  I didn’t get done with cooking until after 11:30pm. 
• Monday: I worked overtime on the morning shift, so 16 hours at work this day.  I have to be extra vigilant about how frequently I eat on 16 hour work days just to make sure I don’t eat all my food too early in the day and then I’m famished later in the day.  I got to eat both of the things I made on Sunday: taco salad and healthy shepherd’s pie!  (the shepherd’s pie recipe I posted this past Sunday, in case you missed it.  The taco salad recipe I’ll be posting this coming Sunday, if you're interested.) 
• Tuesday: after 3 days with no exercise, I had to force myself out the door for my run.  I’m always less hungry when I’ve run, and this day was no exception.  I ate my eggs while I was getting my food for work ready.  I packed my cereal to eat when I got to work because I didn’t have time to eat it because I had to leave early to run an errand on the way to work.  Ate my cereal when I got to work, then had 2 cookies after getting to work.  Hooray exercise calories!  Haha.  Then, didn’t eat squat until halfway through my shift and even then, wasn’t super hungry…it was just “time to eat.”
• Wednesday: I was going to post this before I went to work yesterday as I was working 16 hours, however I got up late, so I started my almost 2 hour run late which meant by the time I got done with all my normal before work stuff, I didn’t have time to post this.  I had really hoped to be back on track with posting the What I Ate Wednesday on actual Wednesday…but, alas, it is not so…not this week, anyway.

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