Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Angel's Rest, Devil's Rest, Wahkeena Falls

On Tuesday, I went with my dad and 2 brothers for a day of hiking.  My brother, David, has made a portion of the hike we went on before, but the rest of us had never been to this location.  My dad had bought a book titled "60 hikes within 60 miles of Portland" and this hike was one the 60 listed in the book.  This hike takes place just a few miles down the road from Multnomah Falls, which I visited on Sunday after running the Rock'n'Roll Portland half marathon.  We parked in the little parking lot at the trail head.
We then started hiking up.  It was definitely uphill.  According to this site, there is over 2700 feet of elevation gain!  My calves were definitely feeling it as we made our way up and up.
We made it to Angel's Rest and then we stopped for lunch.  We asked a nice lady that was hiking with her dog if she wouldn't mind taking a group shot of us and she was nice enough to do so.
When we stopped for lunch, the chipmunks came out of the woodwork!  My goodness they were everywhere!  So friendly too!  We offered them pieces of bread from our sandwiches, which they happily took and ate.  There were at least 5 different chipmunks that were running around us.  One was friendlier than the others and actually let my brother pet him, MORE THAN JUST ONCE!!!  One, poor guy, had a shortened tail.
 After we were done eating and being amazed by the cuteness of the chipmunks, we hiked our way up to Devil's Rest.
After Devil's Rest, we found the trail that would lead us to Wahkeena Falls and went that way.
And after we arrived back at the highway in front of Wahkeena Falls, it was about 2 miles back to where we had parked the car, walking along a highway that had basically no shoulder (thankfully the speed limit was low because it's a scenic and historic highway with lots of pedestrian traffic crossing at various points).  I wore my heart rate monitor with my Polar to track this hike.  I did forget to unpause it after we took breaks and then started hiking again twice.  The final mileage count on the Polar was 9.26 miles, but I estimate at least 1/3 of a mile more is closer to accurate.
 As you can see, this was a pretty good exercise all around.  Great for the soul in so many ways!

This was an amazing day.  I loved that I got to spend an entire day with my dad and both of my brothers doing something active and something that we all enjoyed doing frequently when me and my brothers were growing up.  In fact, I was so caught up in the enjoyment of this hike that I volunteered for all of us to do a multi-day primitive camp and hike trip during one of my future trips to Oregon (probably the 2017 trip)!  I already have a tent, I just need a good pack and sleeping bag and I'll be set!


  1. How pretty! I miss being around the mountains. Michigan is pretty flat.

  2. That group shot is wonderful, you need to get it printed and framed, such a good memory, and I love that evokes past memories too. I'm also a fan of chipmunks! They're so cute.

    1. i plan to get both the pre-hike shot of me with my brothers AND the Angel's Rest shot that the lady hiker took for us printed and framed. they're both great shots and i want to have them in physical form!


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