Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Multnomah Falls & The Japanese Gardens

After I ran the Rock'n'Roll Portland half marathon, I went back to my hotel, showered and attempted to upload my Garmin data through the Garmin Express software to no avail.  I am so beyond frustrated with the latest update to their software.  I never had any problems uploading anything before but since they updated I've had nothing but problems.  If they can't fix these issues, if/when my 310XT goes belly up, I will be finding a new brand of GPS watch to use for tracking my run data.

Anyway...way off track there.  After I checked out of my hotel, I plugged "Multnomah Falls" into my GPS and drove east up the Columbia Gorge to the historic Oregon highway 30.  I found a parking space in the super limited parking area without much effort and then went straight for the gift shop and got a shirt, a magnet, a bunch of postcards and a little souvenir spoon for my mom.  I grabbed a selfie stick as well, but ended up returning it because it wouldn't work with my phone.  Phooey.  I think I will try to find one online that will work for my phone.  I think I'd really like one.

After I was done in the gift shop, I made my way around the back of the lodge and up the stairs and then the falls revealed themselves and my breath was gone.  It was Crater Lake all over again.  I was so glad I was wearing sunglasses so that no one around me could see my eyes fill with tears of wonder and awe.

After Multnomah Falls, I plugged "Japanese Gardens" into my GPS and headed that way to meet up with my friend Jennifer and her family.  I was super excited to visit the Gardens because their Facebook page is always posting these amazing photos.  While it is an amazing place with amazing and zen displays, I was disappointed in the size of the Gardens.  I literally thought that it would be twice the size that it was.  And for a $9.50 entrance fee, I thought that my expectations on the size of the Gardens would be met.  But, I did have a great visit with my friend and was so happy to meet her husband and 2 little boys (super cute, by the way!), and got quite the collection of amazing photos.  Enjoy!
they didn't have postcards,
so i got this little cutie

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