Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My Running Bucket List

As most runners do, I have a running bucket list of races I want to do.  Or, sometimes there isn’t a particular race I’ve found, just an area that I would love to run in.  Let me go ahead and make my list, in no particular order, of places/races I’d love to run:
1. the Great Wall Marathon, China
2. Marine Corps Marathon
3. New York City Marathon
4. Boston Marathon
5. Houston Marathon (I’ve already run Dallas and Austin and will be running San Antonio later this year, so I’d like to round out running marathons in all of the major Texas cities…I should find out if El Paso has one too.)
5. San Francisco, specifically a race that runs across the Golden Gate Bridge.
6. Utah
7. Yellowstone Half Marathon
8. Grand Tetons Half Marathon
9. Grand Canyon Rim to Rim
10. Ireland
11. London Marathon
12. Jerusalem Marathon
13. Tokyo Marathon
14. Paris Marathon
15. Australia and/or New Zealand
16. Route 66 Marathon
17. Las Vegas Rock’n’Roll Marathon
18. Phoenix Marathon
19. Chicago Marathon
20. Eugene Marathon
21. Bandera 50K
22. Toronto Marathon
23. Alaska
24. a Ragnar relay
25. Washington state
26. Big Sur
I seem to have a bunch of full marathons on this list.  Guess it really is true.  The marathon bug bit me after I ran Austin (my 2nd marathon) and it completely infected me after I ran Army (my 3rd and most challenging).  There is no hope for me.  I will be doomed to running many marathons in my life.  Also, I’m sure there are many more races and places I would jump at the chance to run, I just haven’t found out about them yet.  But I think a bucket list that includes 26 races and places is a REALLY good starting point, don’t you?  And, of course, everything will be documented and posted on here for you guys follow along. 
Leave a comment and tell me where is somewhere or what is a race you would like to run if you had the chance?

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  1. You should put Berlin on your list so you have all the Majors. Big Sur is on my list too, and so is London.


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