Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Oregon Coast, part 2

After my run and after Patricia was done working, we drove down to Cannon Beach, just a few miles south of Seaside.  It is home to Haystack Rock, which most people not familiar with Oregon, will know from the movie The Goonies, as it was filmed there.  We parked and then made our way to the beach.  Haystack Rock is amazingly beautiful.  It's too small from the beach to see, but there is a large sign on the rock facing the beach that tells people to stay off of the Rock because it is a bird sanctuary.  Puffins abound on Haystack Rock. 

puffin statue near the parking area
humpback whale statue
hilarious tip jar sign at a coffee shop
We then wandered around the shops in Cannon Beach where I did buy a few things.  I bought some post cards for my collection, a note card with a fancy design that I plan to use for a future running scrapbook page, a card with an artsy mermaid on it I want to frame, and Patricia bought me a very pretty mermaid ornament.  (in case you're wondering why I'm not yet posting pictures of the things I bought, it's because most are wrapped up in bubble wrap and I don't want to unwrap and then rewrap them, so I will post a blog post of my purchases after I've gotten back to Texas)

That evening, Patricia and I went and played some pool with Michaela and Paxton.  We were both tired, so we didn't stay longer than about an hour.

Thursday morning, I got up, showered, ate some breakfast and then loaded up the car.  I said bye to Patricia and then looked at the side door to the house and saw this:
They're so cute and sweet and smart.  Patricia said after I left, they were looking for me.  Awww!

I wanted to make my way down the Oregon coast to Cape Perpetua where there is a place called Thor's Well.  It is near Cook's Chasm.  I drove through Tillamook and passed the Tillamook Cheese Factory.
wild iris
wild strawberries

Unfortunately, Thor's Well doesn't seem to be accessible to the public, so I wasn't able to see it.  But, the area around Cook's Chasm is absolutely beautiful, don't you agree?

So, back on the road up the coast.

After my drive along the coast and through the towns/cities along the 101, I turned east to head back to my parents' house.  I had a specific stop in mind.  A little place called the Otis Cafe.  My brother, David, had taken me there for lunch last year when I was visiting when we went to the coast for a day of hiking, rafting and beach exploring.  They have this's black molasses bread and it is BEYOND amazing!  So, I stopped there and got the BLT w/white cheddar on the black molasses bread with a side of the creamiest clam chowder I've EVER had.  MMMM!  I also bought an entire loaf of the black molasses.
BLT w/white cheddar

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