Thursday, May 7, 2015

Workout Habits

I’d like to talk about workout habits for a minute.  If you workout, you have workout habits.  I know I most certainly do.  I don’t so much have a routine, though.  I work overtime at work that gets in the way of making any kind of regular routine actually become a reality for me.
I almost always workout in the morning.  I love to start my day with an intense workout.  It gets my blood pumping and really wakes me up and gets me ready for the day.  It puts me in a good mood for the day.  My coworkers know if I ran or not that day.  For instance, if I’m really hyper and happy then there’s a good chance I ran.  If I’m more subdued or maybe even cranky then I likely didn’t run that day. 
While I do like to sleep in as I’m not exactly a morning person, when it starts getting warm here in central Texas, I have to get up earlier and earlier to “beat the heat.”  I absolutely LOVE getting up predawn to go for a run.  There’s just something about knocking out a 10+ mile run before the sun even thinks about peeking over the horizon.  I love having that run under my belt before most people’s alarms are going off for them to get up and get ready for work.  I just love it. 
I mean, I do love a mid-morning run, but those only fly in central Texas when it’s cooler.  So, December to February.  HA!
I do love to go to the gym as well.  As a runner who is fairly serious about her running, I know the importance of strength and cross training to stay injury free.  And I have a background in power lifting and body building as well, so that helps me love the gym.  But, I’m nowhere near as serious about the gym as I have been in the past.  Running is my number one priority and so if I work overtime and it takes away 2 days that I could have gone to the gym that week, then usually the only workouts that get done are running workouts.  Now, I try to set Saturday aside as a gym day, but that doesn’t always workout.
When I go to the gym I have a fairly set routine I do.  I do what is called “super setting.”  It’s where you go back and forth between 2 different exercises without a break in between, which also causes it to be a somewhat cardio-type workout.  Bonus!  I work my way through almost all of the strength training machines in the gym this way.  Then, at the end of my workout I do some squats in the smith machine.  I’m going to eventually add static lunges in the smith machine to super set with the squats as well.
The only time I’ll workout in the evening is if I have some kind of drastic schedule change on a day I had planned to workout.
Now, tell me about your workout habits!

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