Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Running Attire

Recently, I’ve bought some new running clothes.  You may have noticed in my post-run selfies I post on the Facebook page for this blog and in my end of week recaps.  I’m trying to beef up my tank top collection so I have more variety in my outfits.  Also, maybe you’ve noticed, but I bought some SHORTS!  What-what-what?!?!?!  I have large, powerful thighs and they chafe, so I have avoided anything shorter than the spandex bike-style shorts that stop right above the knee for this very reason.  Last year I run a 5K in a running skirt and while it wasn’t horrible chafing, it was uncomfortable.
When I was in Oregon, I was wandering through the Walmart in my home town and stumbled upon these double-layer shorts in various colors.  The one that caught my eye was blue and neon yellow.  Hello Boston colors!!!  I had to have them.  So I bought them.  I ran my run down the highway in them, 8 miles, and after I got the under layer to quit riding up, it was smooth sailing and there was no chafing.  So, when I got back to Texas, I proceeded to go back to Walmart and buy a couple more pairs.  I got a green and neon orangeish-red pair, a dark pink/light pink pair.  And then they had another brand that was double-layer as well, so I got the blue and yellow pair and the orange and pink pair in that brand.  Also, I bought some just above the knee white spandex shorts so that I could get some of the regular running-style shorts and wear them and not worry about chafing. 
I notice I’m getting more comfortable with my body and wearing more…I don’t know if this is the right way to say this, but…revealing clothes when I run.  What I mean by that is, when I first started running I would wear running t-shirts…so they had sleeves…and the spandex shorts.  Then, I discovered running capris later that year and they came in all sorts of colors and patterns, so they were super fun to wear.  Then, last year, I started wearing more tank tops when the summer rolled around, no more t-shirts when it’s hot and/or humid out.  Now, this year, I’m going for the shorts and tank tops!  Oh, I also bought another running skirt!  It’s super cute.  It’s got layers and it’s blue and white striped.  If I can get my Half Fanatics Diva shirt (it’s blue and pink before my half marathon next month, I will wear the skirt (or the two-toned pink double layer shorts) with that shirt.  If I don’t have that shirt in time, then I will wear my Double Agent shirt and I don’t know what bottoms yet.  It’s a red and black shirt.  Maybe I’ll try to find a skirt to match?!?!?!  I’ll probably just try and find some shorts to match.
But, the point is, I’m getting more comfortable in my own skin and I feel more comfortable wearing less clothes that I have in the past. 

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  1. I don't know how people run here in the summer in short sleeves or in capris. Tanks and shorts all the way for me, but particularly some of my male running buddies tend to wear short sleeves instead of tanks. No idea how they stand it. I have enough short sleeved shirts that I usually try to wear them through June, then in July I break into my tanks.


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