Saturday, June 13, 2015

Weekly Recap

I’m sure you noticed last week, I weighed myself and used my new Fat Loss Monitor (by Omron).  I ended up using it on the “normal” setting even though based on what their manual said I should have been using the “athlete” setting.  I just didn’t think that 27.something% was an accurate body fat reading for me.  I believe the 29.8% a lot more.  And it said my BMI was 29, which sounds about right to me.  My stats didn't change at all this week, so no point in reposting the same thing.
• Saturday: as I said I would, I went for a run in the evening.  I had said I wanted to do 7-10 miles.  I was just going to do an out-and-back.  I was going to go on the out until I felt I needed to turn around and then there you go.  However, I got to the 2.5 mile mark on my out and I was just feeling the heat something fierce.  So, I turned right instead of going back because I thought I might do a little extra, and I did.  I ended up with 5.5 miles.  Since I’m not going to be purchasing the 100 miles a month challenge buckles anymore, if I don’t hit 100 miles this month, I think I will let myself be okay with that.  When there was a breeze while I was running, it wasn’t too bad.  But, I did stop a few times to let my heartrate come back down.  And I was drinking water, water, water!  I also ran for the first time with my little toe spacer for my bunion.  I am pretty sure that previously, when I wore the shoes I wore on this run that that part of my foot would hurt more, like there wasn’t enough cushion, you know?  Well, this run, I didn’t have that feeling.  So, YAY!
• Sunday: I had a plan A and a plan B as far as running went this day and I did neither.  Oy.  I even came up with a plan C for the day of going to the gym.  Didn’t do that one either.  I ended up running errands, relaxing and cooking.
• Monday: I had a doctor’s appointment for a blood draw at 7:40am that put me halfway between my apartment and the Ladybird Lake hike/bike trail.  So, I got dressed in my running clothes and loaded up my running bag with everything I would need and went to my appointment.  Then, I drove to the lake trail.  I stopped at Einstein Bros Bagels on the way and got me a medium iced coffee and a strawberry-banana smoothie.  I drank most of the coffee pre-run and didn’t touch the smoothie until after.  It was getting WARM by the time I got done at 10am, so the smoothie still being cold was really nice post-run.  This lake trail has many different distance options with the bridges that cross the lake (it’s a river, technically).  You have a 3 mile, a 4 mile, a 7 mile and a 10 mile routes.  I knew I wanted to run the 7 mile route but told myself that if that felt like too much that I would just take the S. Congress bridge and do the 4 mile route instead.  But it was good and I ran the whole 7 I wanted to run.  It was a great run and a really nice change of scenery for me.
• Tuesday: no run today.  I slept very little Sunday night and had to get up so early Monday, that I just made up for the sleep I missed.  And, while I did have the TIME to go for a run when I got up, it was already almost 80° and I checked the hourly forecast and it was going to be 90° within an hour.  Nope, not gonna happen.  Not until I don’t have any choice…which will probably be in about a month.
FOOD NOTE: this was the first day I stuck to exactly what I had planned to eat and nothing more.  I’m honestly trying to break my food dependency issue.  It is most definitely not an easy thing to do.  I know from experience that it is FAR easier to not eat when I’m not hungry when I’m busy.  But when I’m not busy?  Yea, bingeing happens.
• Wednesday: I had my row test for work this day.  I was originally scheduled to row at 11:30, but I emailed the person in charge of scheduling and she said I could show up whenever and that they would take care of me.  YAY!  I showed up around 7:15, 15 minutes before the first scheduled time slot for testing.  I, of course, wore my heart rate monitor for the row test so that I could count it as a workout.  Haha!  I finished the 2000 meters in 8:40 minutes which, while it WAS my goal time, was not enough to hit 90% of my VO2max.  I only hit 86%.  Boo!  So, my goal next year is to be 20 lbs less AND hit at least 95%.  If I can hit 95% I will get 2 paid days off from work that don’t pull from my vacation or holiday time.  OH YEA!  After the row test, I drove down to Ladybird Lake hike/bike trail again and ran there.  7 miles again.  This time, though, I didn’t stop, I just pushed through and even though there was a 12 minute mile in there toward the end, I am super proud of this run. 

I worked overtime this day, so I was at work for 16 hours.  I knew about the overtime ahead of time so I was able to plan out my food and bring healthy food from home.  YAY!  So, this was day 2 of sticking to my eating plans!
• Thursday: I worked overtime Wednesday night, so no workout this day.
• Friday: I had planned to hit the gym this day, but I was still pretty tired because I had been awake for over 25 hours the previous day with doing my row test first thing, then running, then working a 16 hour shift at work.  So, I slept a little late and then I had to go to the store to get salad stuff because the PB&J sandwiches I’d been eating for lunch all week were giving me serious heartburn and I needed something else for lunch.  But, I completely stayed within my calories for the day and didn’t eat anything I “shouldn’t” have eaten.
Okay, so, since September of last year, I have been purchasing 100 miles a month challenge buckles and making sure I hit 100 miles minimum each month.  Well, starting with this month, they changed the design of the buckle and I do NOT like it.  So, I won’t be buying into the challenge anymore.  However, that does not mean I’m just going to start slacking on my mileage…nope, not at all.  I have decided that THIS MONTH I will take it a little easy.  I’ll run whatever I run and just be happy with it.  But I will try to get as close to 100 as I can, but I’m not going to stress about hitting 100 this month.  Halfway through next month I start marathon training again.  But, I also need to have a minor elective day surgery done and I want to get that done as close to the start of my marathon training as possible so as not to set myself back too much, if at all, in my training.  I will have to take a week or so completely off from running after the surgery, so planning will need to happen.  But, once I start training for my next marathon, I will have no issues hitting 100+ miles a month.  About 2 months in, I should be averaging about 130 miles a month.

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