Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weekly Recap

Sooooo…I got all busy and ran out of time and completely forgot to post this yesterday.  Sorry.  I just want to say something right now: I am NOT allowed to be lazy this week…AT ALL.

I have no overtime on the paycheck I received at the beginning of this week, so I have to wait (impatiently I might add) for the end of the month when I will have 5 shifts of overtime on my paycheck so that I can register for 3 races.  Yep, THREE!  The Austin Marathon, the 30th is the last day for the $100 early bird registration price.  The Fight Like A Girl 5K and the Run With The Heroes 5K.  When I register for the Austin Marathon, I will probably also be purchasing the collector’s 25th anniversary pendant.  It’s only $20, or $25, I  can’t remember.  Either way, it’s a good price and I want it.
This week’s food wasn’t too bad, but bad decisions were made.  I swear I really am trying to create a healthier relationship with food.  I’m getting there.  It’s just slow going.  Food addiction/eating disorders are not something that you can overcome/control overnight no matter how much I wish they were.  Part of my problem when I’m making these bad decisions is that it’s a lot of times happening on days where I don’t get much sleep because I’m working overtime shifts, so I am just so mentally exhausted and a little stressed that I turn to junk food for comfort.  I realize that I’m doing this, but I’m so tired and whatnot that I just don’t care at the time it’s happening.  I really need to work on that.
I also hope I’m starting to finally come out of the funk I’ve been in and that getting myself out of bed in the mornings for runs and the gym.  I just have to make it seem more important.  Maybe I should fake myself out and pretend that someone is depending on me to get up on time and show up so we can workout together?  I don’t know if that will work.
I need to get a new pair of shoes soon.  Probably next month sometime.  I’m thinking of giving Hokas a shot.  I hear lots of good things about them and, even though I love Mizuno, it wouldn’t hurt to at least try another brand of shoe.  Maybe I can be bi-shoeual…or would it be bi-shoe-brandual?  Hahaha!
• Saturday: well…I PLANNED to get up and run, then I slept past the time to do that, so I changed my plan to going to the gym.  Slept through that time as well.  If I hadn’t been assigned to work overtime this day, I still could have gone to the gym, but I didn’t have time in the end.  Ugh.
• Sunday: if I had not had a “date” with my friend Kirsten to run, I would have turned off my alarm when it went off at 6:20am.  Shortly after my alarm went off, I got an alert about possible flash flooding in my area.  Right after that, Kirsten texted me (guessing she got the same alert) and said that we would just do loops in case it got dangerous and we needed to high tail it back to the cars.  We got to the park where we were meeting and it was barely raining, so we just went ahead as originally planned.  No loops.  This was a trial run for her to feel out how I run so she can adequately pace me for the half marathon next month.  We did 7 miles at an average 10:13 pace.  And that WITH about a 1 minute walk break in the final mile!  I felt like the smoker I USED to be.  My lungs were just getting their asses kicked.  My body was golden, though.  This was the first time I have ever run with another person outside of races.  I really liked it.  We’re going to run together again in a couple weeks.  And she gave me homework – run 4 to 5 miles, 1 mile easy warm-up, 2-3 miles at 9:55 pace, 1 mile easy cool down. 

• Monday: had my appointment for my physical at 7:30am and was out of there by 8:30.  Made it to Ladybird Lake parking area around 9.  I had to make a stop in search of Ziploc baggies because I forgot mine (phone and car key fob go in baggies to protect from sweat and rain).  However, apparently Whole Foods does not sell Ziploc baggies so I grabbed a couple produce bags instead.  Free…even better.  I briefly thought of just carrying my phone when I realized I’d forgotten my baggies but then I remembered my key fob.  Sure I could tuck it into my bra, but then the sweat would probably kill it…so I had to stop and get something.  Well, it’s a really good thing I did because even though I checked the weather before getting out of my car and running and it said just a 6% chance of rain, at mile 4.5 the skies opened up and it was pouring.  I don’t mind running in the rain at all, but I just wasn’t prepared for it this day.  If I had thought it would rain for sure, then I would have brought my earbuds instead of my RedFox Wireless headphones that aren’t waterproof.  But, it turned out okay.  I was soaked by the time I got done, but again, I don’t mind.  I love running in the rain.  I just prefer to know ahead of time that I’ll be running in the rain so I can prepare properly for it.

• Tuesday: I GOT UP AND WENT TO THE GYM!!!!!  What-what-what?!?!?!  Yep, it actually happened!  Sam (he works at my gym) asked me just where the heck have I been, that’s how long it’s been since I went to the gym.  I did my routine of like 96% of the strength training machines, which took 50 minutes.  I skipped the smith machine squats and lunges, though, since it has been so long since I was in the gym.  And then I hit the stair climber!!!  I was going to do 20 minutes but dang that thing is HARD so I barely made it 10 minutes.  Whatever, I got it done and I felt great afterward.  Also, boatloads of energy the rest of the day, which is good since I worked a double shift this day.

• Wednesday: I was so sore this day.  Almost every single muscle I worked in the gym on Tuesday was so very sore.  The only ones that weren’t super sore were my quads and hammies.  Guess I need to up the weight on those, huh?  I worked overtime Tuesday night, no workout this day. 
• Thursday: worked overtime again Wednesday night, so no workout again.
• Friday: I was supposed to meet a friend for breakfast and then go to the gym after that.  However, my friend canceled on me, so I set my alarm for a little later than I would have had to get up in order to have breakfast with him.  The alarm went off, I reset it.  The alarm went off again, I reset it again.  I swear that working out is important to me…it just definitely does not look that way lately.  Ugh.  I hate that.
So, I just realized that I have never told you guys what my routine at the gym is when I do strength training.  I’d like to take a moment and do just that.  I like to superset (go back and forth between 2 opposing exercises without a break between them).
I start with the chest fly/reverse fly machine. 
Then I move to the back extension.
Then I go to the bench press and lat pulldown machines.
Then I hit the ab twist machine.
Next up is the seated row and military press machines.
Then the bicep curl and either the tricep extension or tricep pushdown machine.
Then I get on the seated calf raise machine and do all 3 points of my calf muscles (toes regular, toes pointed in, toes pointed out).
Then I do the leg extension and leg curl machines.
Then I do the abductor and adductor machines (inner and outer thighs).
Then it’s the single leg kickback machine.
Bonus includes smith machine squats and lunges.
I do 3 sets of 13 reps for each exercise.  I like the last 2-3 to be an actual effort to finish.  If it’s not hard or challenging, you’re not going to see improvement (aka: no “pain,” no gains).
I’ve recently added the stair climber to the end of my strength training workouts just to round things off nicely and get that extra burn. 

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