Friday, August 7, 2015

Gym Options

24 hour fitness sent me an email the other day with a $0 initiation fee and 1 month free offer if I sign back up by sept 5th.  It’s been almost a year since I canceled my membership with them because even though I wanted to maintain my 24 hour membership AND my Planet Fitness membership, I just couldn’t afford it at the time.  PF was closer and more convenient and also cheaper so if I didn’t go to the gym often or at all, it wasn’t a HUGE waste of money.
I would really like to start swimming and doing TRX and other non-weight-machine exercises that they have available for their members that Planet Fitness just doesn’t have.  But I’m not sure.  I mean.  there are 3 options here: 
1) take the offer and also keep my PF membership and just go to 24 when I want to do exercises that PF doesn’t have equipment for
2) take the offer and cancel my PF membership
3) ignore the offer and just stick with PF.  I kinda really want to do option 1. 
I want to train for and compete in a triathlon next year, so I’d ideally need a lap pool to build up my swimming fitness so that I’ll survive the swim portion of a tri.  And then, I would definitely prefer to keep my PF membership because the one I go to is just 1.5 miles from my apt and is super convenient,  So, if I don’t have time to drive to a 24 location (which the closest 2 are both about 8 miles away from me…I mean, there is a Super Sport location like 2 miles away from me, but that one takes the $50/mth membership dues in order to access and I’m just not paying that for a gym membership, even if it is the only membership I have), then I don’t have to skip my workout…I can just go to PF. 
PF has limited weight amounts on their machines for insurance purposes (how they keep their membership rates so low).  But I’m not maxed out on the available weight on ALL machines, just a couple of them.  But, I have almost a month to think about it.  However, even though I am going to think about it until the end of this month before “pulling the trigger” and accepting the offer, I am like 90% sure I’m going to go ahead and accept the offer.  I’ve spoken to my friend Amanda and she agrees with me that option 1 is the best decision for me with all the different things I want to do.  I mean, I would absolutely LOVE to be able to go for a swim.  Heck, I could ride my bike to 24 (8 miles), swim, then ride my bike home (8 miles) and get a great semi-brick workout!  Heck, if I wanted to, I could even throw in a 2-4 mile run after the swim and before the bike ride home!  Oh yes, I’m really liking this and starting to get excited about the possibilities here.  Oh yea, and they occasionally have an AM boot camp class that would be a fantastic way to mix up my workouts!

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