Saturday, August 1, 2015

Weekly Recap

And yet again I have a week worth recapping!  Woohoo!!!
Saturday: this day was a kind of a crap shoot, so to speak.  I was going to try to get up early enough to workout before meeting a friend for lunch at the Indian buffet, but I didn’t because I was sooooo tired from working overtime the day before.  I told myself that if I felt like it, then I would go to the gym later in the day, but that rarely happens, so I wasn’t really expecting to get a workout in this day.  However, when I put my sliced salmon in the bag of homemade marinade and it needed to sit in there for at least 2 hours, I got the itch and ended up at the gym and got in a kick ass workout.  So, I’m super proud of myself for 1) going and working out when I hadn’t exactly planned on working out, and 2) not phoning in my workout and actually upping the weights on some of the exercises.
Sunday: I had a 25 mile bike ride planned for this day.  I stayed up super late tending to the salmon jerky Saturday night and so didn’t get out of bed until like 10am.  I had plans with my friend Amanda, so I cut the ride short to just 20 miles.  I headed out the door and was cruising along.  I hit mile 5.4 and BOOM flat tire.  Ugh, great.  I almost called Amanda to see if she could come pick me up, but then remembered that Target wasn’t far away and they sell bike inner tubes, so I made the 1 mile, mostly uphill in 90°+ heat and no breeze, walk to Target to get an inner tube.  I then changed my tube and discovered that my tire had been skewered by a headless nail.  Nice.  I abandoned the 20 mile ride and adjusted my route.  Ended up with 15 miles on the bike and 1 mile walked.
Monday: the gym was scheduled for this day and the gym is what was done.  I like to push myself a little harder each time I do the stair climber to do at least 1 more floor of stairs in my 10 minutes.  My ultimate goal is to do 100 floors in 10 minutes.  This means I will basically be running up the stairs and I really like this idea.  After the stairs I hit the weights for about an hour.  I’m thinking that since I have going to the gym twice a week down pat as a habit right now that I should maybe split my workouts into 2 different workouts: upper & core and lower & core.  This way I think I can make more progress with the exercises I’m doing than I am by doing a full body workout every time I go to the gym for weights.  And by doing core both times, I can add more core exercises, like leg lifts, Russian twists, and so on, to improve my core strength. 
Tuesday: got up and did the Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior workout DVD.  I cut it pretty close with this one.  I got to my therapy appointment with like 6 minutes to spare.  Oops.  Shouldn’t have hit snooze so many times, but I just did not want to get out of bed.  Anyway, I did the Yoga for the Warrior DVD that I had meant to do last Tuesday but didn’t get up early enough to do it.  It wasn’t much of a calorie burning workout, even though it was a challenging one.  I ended this workout hoping that I would be sore later or the next day.
Wednesday: REST DAY!!!! Sort of.  I had CPR/AED recertification class this day.  I wore my chest strap as I wasn’t sure if it would be enough physical activity to count as a workout.  Plus, I thought that maybe, just maybe, I would hop on a rowing machine as well.  I didn’t turn on the heart rate monitor while doing CPR training…it wasn’t enough to be considered exercise.  Not even close.  But, I did go across the way afterward to the gym and use the rowing machine for 2000 meters!  Yay!  Not much, but every little bit counts and, well, this was technically a rest day.  I’m proud of myself that I chose to do something active, no matter how small of an effort it was.
Thursday: was thinking that since I’d already gone to the gym twice this week that maybe I would get up early and go for that 10K run to earn my virtual race medal (well, one of them…I now have 2 waiting to be earned…haha), but I decided by the time I went to bed Wednesday night that I wouldn’t even try getting up early and that I would be heading to the gym for day #3.  I did decide to mix it up just a smidge but changing the way I did a couple exercises and added the leg press machine to my workout.  I changed from the seated bicep curl and tricep curl machines to the cable machine with the rope attachment for standing bicep curls and over-the-head tricep extensions. 
Friday: REST DAY!!!!  I worked overtime Thursday night, so I just slept in the morning before having to head right back to work in the afternoon.  Then I worked another double shift.
I made salmon jerky last weekend to eat for lunch most of this week.  I only say “most” because while I used an entire side of salmon, it was only enough for four 4.5 oz servings of salmon.  I had intended on it being enough for all 5 lunches this week.  Instead, I had the last remaining serving of fried rice from last week’s dinners for the 5th lunch.  I have to say that my first attempt at making jerky is a big success for me!  It’s super yummy and not over dried!  I will be making it again! 
Even though I ate an entire medium pizza on Sunday, I had more than enough calories (thanks to exercise) to cover it!  And I had a bunch of calories left over at the end of the day.  YAY!  Something I noticed this week was that I’m leaning toward making better choices with my food (with the exception of the entire medium pizza…ha!).  Hooray!  3 weeks of tracking what I eat and counting calories and trying to stay within a specific calorie count has made me subconsciously start making better choices.  There was leftover cake from a party on the shift before mine at work on Tuesday and I only had a small piece and was satisfied.  On Wednesday there was a fundraiser at work that was selling sausage wrap plates and while I love sausage wraps, I wasn’t even tempted to go get one!  YAY!  But, that said, I worked overtime on the night shift Thursday night and they were having a going-away party for one of the guys who was going to a different section in our agency and there were chicken salad croissant sandwiches, pickles, potato chips and cheesecake.  I had a little bit of everything, but I don’t really think I overdid it.  I didn’t gorge myself and I certainly didn’t eat until it hurt.  I just ate what looked good until I felt satisfied and that was good enough.
I got the word from my supervisor last weekend that my time off request that I put in for the South Padre Island Marathon is approved, so I registered for it!  Also, I have been in contact with the social media managers for this marathon and I am pretty sure I will be helping to promote it!  WOOHOO!  I’m super excited for that!  Also, since my time off request starts on November 12th and not the 13th like I thought it did, I might just head down to South Padre on the 12th and stay 2 nights and make it a mini-vacation!  I’ve never actually been to South Padre Island, so I think it will be fun to do a little bit of touristy stuff on top of just going down there to run a marathon.  


Now to go over my weekly weigh in portion of this's the scale and Omron:
Yep, that says "+1 lb."  I'm so frustrated with this.  I do great for a couple/few weeks, a month, maybe 2 months, and then BAM I start putting weight back on no matter how much I adhere to my eating plans and my workout plans.  I don't understand why this happens to me.  I know that it does happen to people, a lot of people, and I'm one of those people.  I do have to keep a few things in mind:
• my body fat only went up .1%...that's 1/10th of a percent.  That's nothing.  
• I have gone to the gym and lifted weights, and have been steadily increasing the weight I'm lifting over the last 3 weeks, 2-3 times a week.
• my pants are looser than they were last week.
• my stomach is looking closer to flat.
With all those things taken into consideration, I'm going to tell you that I am swallowing my pride and am going to just wait it out, keep up my eating plan and working out at least 5 times a week and see what the numbers are next Saturday.  Now, a friend requested I take and post a current set of "before" (or maybe they're more accurately "during") pictures.  
I am now 2.8 lbs down from where I started 3 weeks ago.  I'm hoping that I will see another drop when I step on the scale next Saturday.  I have a goal to lose as much of 20 lbs as I can by October 24th.  That's 12 weeks to lose 20 lbs.  If I can lose an average of 1.6 lbs a week, then I can hit that goal.  

I bought some new running shoes today.  They're Hoka One One Cilftons.  They are last year's model and thankfully (HALLELUJAH!) they had one pair in my size left!  I saved about $40 or so by being able to buy last year's model over this year's model.  I have never run in Hokas before, so expect to be reading a product review from me after I've run in them for about a month.  I'm still on my break from running, but I'm seriously hoping these new pretty shoes will kick start me to be done with my break sooner rather than later.  I have to be running regularly again mid-August to make sure I'm decently trained for the South Padre Island Marathon on November 14th.

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