Friday, August 21, 2015

Weekly Recap

Last week’s recap post was a day early because, like I said, I was working overtime on the night shift Friday night and wouldn’t be able to weigh myself in Saturday morning and get an accurate weigh in, so I did it on Friday morning instead.  I was running a little short on time when I was posting last week’s recap so I didn’t get to delve completely into my feelings about my weigh in.  For starters, I was absolutely terrified to step on the scale.  I started getting super nervous about stepping on the scale on like Wednesday!  I was dreading it.  I was so afraid that there wasn’t going to be a drop or that it was going to show I gained again.  This all despite the fact that I could tell by looking at myself in the mirror that I had definitely lost weight.  It was completely noticeable and obvious that I had.  But still, I was gun shy about stepping on the scale because of my history with losing and gaining and losing again and gaining again.  But, I did it and I was soooooo happy that I did.  I didn’t expect to have lost almost 5 lbs in just 6 days. 
Since I posted last Friday before I went to work and before I finished out the day, I’m going to cover last Friday with this week’s recap as well, even though I already posted my morning workout.  I’m also, obviously, posting this week’s recap a day early because I’m working overtime on the night shift tonight and won’t be able to weigh in accurately tomorrow morning.
Friday: this was “supposed” to have been a rest day, but apparently I’m all about exercising now and if I don’t exercise I’m not 100% happy that day.  So, I didn’t do a full-blown workout but instead did an AMRAP style workout of this 6 move kettlebell workout I found on the Runner’s World website.  I did 6 rounds in 32 minutes and burned a total of 131 calories per Sergio.  And, even though I posted this with last week’s recap, here’s the collage from that workout:
I’ve started doing a little “mini-workout” on my lunch breaks at work.  I get a 20 minute lunch break.  We have a parking garage that has 5 floors of stairs if you start at the bottom-bottom.  I’m going to try and explain what I mean by that.  the parking garage is on a hill.  So there are 2 sections of the garage that have their own entrance and consist of only one floor.  So, technically there are 6 floors, but the stairs only access 5 of them.  However, floors 2 and 3 are not connected to each other except by the stairs.  So, if I walk up the stairs and then wind my way down the parking area of the garage, I can’t access the 2nd floor.  So, this is what I do: I start at the bottom of the stairs and go all the way up to the very top, then I wind my way back down to the 3rd floor and then go up the stairs from there to the very top again.  Before last Friday, I wasn’t counting this as a workout, but I decided that I would start counting it as a workout because, well, it IS a workout!
Saturday: since I worked overtime on Friday night and then had to do things after work that kept me up until noon-ish, this day was all messed up for me.  I decided on Thursday, since I was itching to go for a run and then waiting for me in my mailbox when I got home from work that night was my Seeking the Golden Pearl virtual race medal so I now was itching to earn it, that I would run after work and before my 8am oil change appointment this day.  But, apparently my oil change is today, I found out when I arrived at the dealership.  Oops.  Anyway, the run went great.
Then I went to bed around noon and slept horribly.  I wanted to sleep for about 6 hours but was wide awake after just 3.  Ugh.  So, I got up around 3pm and wasn’t meeting my friend Heather for dinner at Jason’s Deli around 6pm.  Since I’ve been doing so absolutely fabulous (completely serious there) with this new way of eating, I didn’t want to mess with it, so I checked out their menu online and decided ahead of time what I wanted to get and got the Nutty Mixed Up salad with an extra chicken breast.  The salad was HUGE and I was within my calories and ate healthy.  After dinner, I went grocery shopping for apples, yogurt, frozen fruit, almond milk, and tilapia.  Then, I went to the gym and did upper body and core! 
Sunday: I had 24 miles cycling planned out for this day.  I decided I would just do 18 instead as I spent way longer at the Verizon store buying my new phone than I had planned for.  I did the same route I rode when I had the dentist appointment last month, but added a little bit to it so it ended up with 18.25.
In the evening, before I went to work overtime, I wanted to make sure I hit 10,000 steps for the day, so I walked around my apartment complex for an hour.  I had planned on just 30 minutes, but the steps were just adding up and I was getting excited that I might actually go ahead and hit my number, so I just kept walking.  Walked 2.6 miles in 57 minutes.  Definitely not speed walking, but I got it done.  I accidentally swiped the screen of my Surge so I don’t have a pic of my stats from the watch like I normally do.
Monday: I worked overtime Sunday night so there was no workout-workout done this day.  I did walk the parking garage on the night shift after midnight, after I got done working the night shift, and then again on my actual regular shift in the afternoon, and then AGAIN after my regular shift.  There would be pics of Sergio, but I either forgot to take them or was so muddled from being hot and sweaty in a polyester uniform that I didn’t take a pic of the correct screen on Sergio.  Wah wah.
Tuesday:  I decided to do a 4 mile run this day and set the alarms on my new phone (which are fun because I downloaded some sound effect tones for my alarm sounds) and was out of bed by 7:20am and out the door by 7:40 for my run.  I got my participant shirt for the South Padre Island marathon in the mail on Monday, so I wore that for my run this day to officially kick off my short marathon training cycle.  WOOT!  Anyway, the run went great, had a pace of 11:20 min/mi per Sergio.  I really like running with the surge because I can set it so I can monitor my heartrate while I’m running to know how much I’m exerting myself.  My heartrate hovered around 160 for the majority of the run.
I also walked before and after my therapy appointment.  I really enjoy these walks.
Wednesday: this was a REST DAY!!!  I actually took it as a rest day too!  What-what-what?!?!?!  However, to be honest, if I had realized I didn’t schedule a day this week to do one of my new tabata DVDs, I would have done that instead of resting.  But, I did get some chores done that I didn’t get done over the weekend, so that’s good.  My only thing I wanted to get done this day was get my 10,000 steps in.
Thursday: I went to the gym and did lower body and core this day.  It went pretty well.  I added to my lunges at the end of my workout.  Instead of just doing 2 sets of regular walking lunges, I did a set of walking lunges, a set of walking courtesy lunges, then repeated for a second set.  Since I got the Surge, I’ve been taking it slightly easier on the stair climber.  But only slightly.  The reason is because in order for the Surge to count my steps (sadly it doesn’t count the floors I climb up on it) I have to have the arm wearing it free to swing naturally with my steps, so I can’t hold onto the handles with both hands, which means I can’t go as fast.  I’m still getting a really good workout on it, so that’s what really matters. 
Friday: since I am working overtime on the night shift again tonight, I am again posting this recap a day early, so anything I do exercise wise after I post this today will be recapped with next week’s recap just like I did for last Friday.  This week I was planning to bump up to 2 runs in a week, however I ran on Saturday, so this was run day #3!  I wanted to go a little longer, so I went for 7 miles.  I also wanted to try out this trail they just opened up the first 6 miles of in southwest Austin…it starts in Zilker Park near Barton Springs Pool.  The run went great!  The trail was way more technical than I thought it would be and I came upon an obstacle of downed trees and large rocks that I couldn't get passed.  It didn't help that I took the wrong fork and that's how I ended up at the obstacle.  So, 4.5 miles of good trail running done!
After I got home from the trail run, I did my kettlebell AMRAP workout from last week again, but I added Turkish getups to the rounds for some extra ab work.

Before I get into this week’s weigh in, I want to talk about a non-scale victory (NSV) I had this week.  I went to the gym on Thursday morning and as I was taking my post-workout selfie.  Usually, I have to suck in my gut and position my hips and legs just-so so that I don’t look so lumpy and fluffy.  Well, Thursday, I didn’t have to suck anything in or do any kind of positioning!!!!  I looked great to myself just the way I was, standing naturally…and I was wearing a form fitting tank top and running capri tights.  So awesome.  A great confidence booster.
After last week’s weigh in, I was chatting on Facebook with my good friend Jennifer.  Her and I are both running the RNR San Antonio full marathon in December (so excited!!!).  While I have not yet started my marathon training, she already has.  She also has a FitBit Surge and she was talking about how she loved the FitBit Aria scale because they sync together so well and just make weekly weigh ins so much easier and all that jazz.  The scale retails for $125, but I found it on eBay brand new for $90.99 with free shipping!!!!  Needless to say, very excited to try it out!  So, what I did was weigh in on BOTH scales today so that I could find out how different the scales weigh me so I could get an accurate read on my weigh in, just .4 of a pound!
And now for this week’s weigh in stats:
I have to say, even though it's only a drop of 1 pound this week (I was hoping for 2-3), I'm still happy with my results.  I know I worked hard this week and I'm pretty sure there was some muscle gain.  My old scale is officially retired!  Also, I will be retiring the Omron.  Even though I didn't post a picture of it, the Aria scale read my body fat at 37.8%, which, really, based on past measurements when I was skinnier and more fit than I am now and was measured at 36% by someone that knew what she was doing, I'm inclined to go with what the Aria says my body fat % is...even though I'm not happy with the number.  Something to work on, right?
I’d like to recap my eating a little bit, but not go super in-depth with it.  I mostly want to talk about my first weekend on this new eating plan.  Saturday, I went for that 5K run at about 6:15am after working 16 hours, then I had a protein shake.  A couple hours later, I had 2 eggs (I would have had my usual 3 but I only had 2 left in the fridge until I went grocery shopping that evening).  Before I laid down for a nap, I had an apple.  For dinner, I met a friend for dinner at Jason’s Deli and went online to their menu beforehand and chose the Nutty Mixed Up salad and got an extra chicken breast.  It was so good and it was HUGE!  I was completely within my calories!  Then I went to the gym and had another protein shake afterward.
On Sunday, I slept in a little bit, got up, had my protein shake and 3 eggs.  Ran some errands, went for a bike ride, then had another protein shake.  Right after I got to work at 10pm I had a mixed greens salad with one packet of Wendy’s pomegranate dressing and a 7oz chicken breast.  A few hours later I had my 0% plain Greek yogurt with thawed frozen fruit.  Then a couple hours after that, I finished my night off with an apple! 
On Monday, I walked into work and there were 3 pizzas.  No thanks.  They looked great and like they would have tasted yummy, but 1) I didn’t actually want any and 2) it wouldn’t be worth it anyway.  Oh and the pizzas sat next to my work station for an hour or so until everyone had finally eaten them all.  So, kudos to me for self-control!
I have switched up my eating before and ate great for a few weeks and had no problems with being tempted or urges to binge.  So, the true test of this eating plan will be a month from now.  So, what I’ll do, when I do my first Saturday of the month recap where I take new measurements with the tape measure and new progress photos, I will also recap how I’m doing and feeling about the eating plan.

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