Thursday, September 10, 2015

Injury Update

Went to my doctor's appointment this morning.  He had a chance to look at the x-rays that private ER place took of my ankle and determined that I popped the ligament, causing a small fracture.  So, I am in the boot for another month.  Joy of joys!  I have two 5Ks and a 10K that are scheduled during that time, so I'll be 100% walking those.  Might even drop down to the 5K at the 10K so as not to push fact, that's just what I'll do.  6.2 miles in a boot is just waaaaaaaaay too much.  Even slowly.  Ugh, I hate this.

And, not only am I in the boot for another month, I'm also on medical leave from work for the next month.  Do you have any idea just how bored I'm going to be?  No work.  No money to entertain myself with doing activities.  I can, however, continue the workouts I've been doing as they don't cause any undue stress on my ankle since I am wearing the boot when I do them.  I can most definitely still swim, in fact my doctor is greatly encouraging me to swim, as it's great rehab for my ankle.  He prescribed me with physical therapy 2-3 times a week, and I just made my first appointment for that on Monday.  And I know that they'll give me exercises that I'm to do on my own.

I do have the last 3 seasons of Dexter on DVD and still in their freaking cellophane that I can watch.  I also have like 15 movies I've bought over the last 1+ year that I can also watch.  I have a few sewing projects I can get done.  My vacuum needs me to take it apart and see what is gummed up inside and keeping it from sucking things up like it's supposed to do.  I can also get super great at meal planning.  HAHA!  Yea, I suppose as long as I don't just decide to give in to the depressing nature of the next month and be uber lazy, that I will be just fine and adequately occupied.  But, I'm still not looking forward to it at all.

I felt completely horrible when I had to call my supervisor and tell him I would be on medical leave for the next month.  I was crying but he told me it was okay and to just take care of myself and get better and to not worry about anything.  He's really one of the best supervisors I've ever had.  I'm going to be really sad when he retires in like 2 or 3 years.

Oh and even though my goal had been to casually run (aka: jog) at least 50% of the South Padre Island Marathon in November, it's looking like, with just 4 weeks of training pre-marathon, that won't be happening.  I'll be lucky to casually run 25% of it.  I just have to maintain a 15:50 min/mi or faster pace to finish in 6:55:00 or less.  The cut off is 7 hours.  Good thing I had no illusions of a PR for the rest of this year (with any distance).  Haha.  I'm trying to be upbeat about this, I really am.


  1. Sorry to hear it. But on a positive, I'm just about to start the last season of Dexter!

    1. haha! that's funny! don't ruin it for me tho, i still have seasons 6 & 7 on top of the final season to watch! :)

    2. I don't think I like it as much as I did the first few seasons, started season 8 this afternoon. Good way for you to kill some time. You'll probably finish before me, so no spoilers!


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