Saturday, September 5, 2015

Weekly Recap

As I’m sure you are all aware, I’m on the injured list.  Booo!  Initially, when it first happened last week, I was a little depressed and didn’t workout at all for 3 days.  My doc had given me the go ahead to swim and so I rejoined 24 HR Fitness Friday morning before work (because they have a pool AND because they offered me $0 initiation and one month free).  So, right after I rejoined I pretty much had to leave for work, so no time to workout on Friday.  First day at the new gym was Saturday. 
Saturday: I went to 24 HR Fitness and hit the majority of the upper body machines plus the ab machine that was my favorite when I was a member of this same gym (it’s one of the Super Sport ones) like 4.5 years ago.  Then, I hit the pool and swam 8 laps.  I asked 24 HR Fitness the next day on their Facebook page what the length of the pool was.  25 meters.  So 2 times down and back is 100 meters, or 1 lap (lap = 1 down and back) in an Olympic sized pool.  So, I swam 400 meters.

Sunday: while I’m injured, I don’t want to go to the gym every single day and do the exact same thing.  That would get real old real fast, plus it would increase my chances of getting injured in a way other than how I’m already injured.  Nobody wants that…especially me.  So, I decided to see if I could do my kettlebell workout, minus the Turkish getups, of course.  Then I thought I’d throw in some stairs with each round.  I did 4 rounds of my kettlebell exercises with 2 trips up and down the 2 flights of stairs to my apartment building each round.  It took me 32 minutes to complete the 4 rounds.  It was a great workout!

Monday: since I can’t currently do any of my workout DVDs, it was off to the gym with me again for this day’s workout.  I decided that I can’t just go and do the same thing at the gym every time I go.  Before injury I was doing upper body & core on one day and then lower body & core on the other day each week I was going to the gym.  I thought pretty much most of the day on Sunday as to what could I do at the gym that was different from what I normally do but would still give me a great workout.  What I came up with was this:
-- flipping the heavy ropes, 3 sets of 30 seconds each
-- kettlebell squat and cleans, 3 sets of 10 each side

-- dumbbell static lunges, 3 sets of 10 each side
-- TRX strap “leaning” pushups

-- TRX strap “overhead ab pulls”

I even tried looking these exercises up, but couldn’t find any titles for them that were any better than the ones I came up with.  Oh well.
After that awesome workout…oh yea, I was sweating like a piggy after just 20 minutes of that…I hit the pool.  Knowing the actual length of the pool (25 meters), I knew that I wanted to do at least 10 down and backs (“lap” from here on out, even though this isn’t an Olympic pool distance lap) of the pool for 500 meters.  As I was swimming along, I was also paying attention to the 60 minute clock that’s at one end of the pool.  I had taken note of my start time (at the 9 minute mark).  When I was done with the 10th lap, I noticed I wasn’t quite at the 15 minute mark yet and I really wanted to hit that mark.  So I swam 2 more laps and swam a grand total of 600 meters!  I tried to keep my stop and rest bits at the end of each 25 meters as short as possible.  If I’m going to do a triathlon next year, I want to be able to swim 800 meters without stopping AT ALL.  That’s a half mile and I believe the swim distance on an Olympic distance triathlon is about a half mile.  So, if I can do that without stopping in the pool, I should be okay to do it in the open water.  But really, I’d like to work up to swimming a whole mile (1600 meters) without stopping before I do an actual triathlon just to be on the safe side that I’ve got the strength and stamina built up.

Tuesday: I had my therapy appointment this day and even though I’m still in the boot, I decided I wanted to attempt my pre- and post-appointment walking anyway.  I parked about 15 minutes earlier than usual to give myself that extra bit of time to hobble along my usual pre-appointment route and make it to my appointment on time.  And then I just walked my usual post-appointment route.  Also, if you’re not used to walking around in heels, even if they’re kind of short (2-ish inches), I wouldn’t recommend doing it for 2+ miles.  The good news is that because I am only wearing one regular shoe right now, I didn’t get blisters on both feet, just one!
Wednesday: I had to meet someone for an early lunch before an afternoon training class this day, so I just opted to make this a rest day and not worry about coming up with something new to do this day for a workout.  Besides, my legs, abs and arms were pretty sore from the exercises I did on Saturday, Sunday and Monday anyway, so they needed the rest.
Thursday: back to the gym for pretty much the same workout as Saturday.  Most of the upper body machines and my favorite ab machine plus swimming.  I skipped my favorite ab machine because another lady was using it and I didn’t feel like standing there staring at her like a freak waiting for her to finish.  I figured I’d be doing some ab exercises on Friday, so I’d just do that machine at the end of Friday’s workout. 

Friday:  decided to repeat Monday’s creative gym visit.  So, ropes, kettlebell squat & cleans, static lunges, TRX exercises.  With the TRX exercises, I added one more that I can’t believe I didn’t think of to do on Monday.  Squats!  You hold onto the TRX strap handles, lean back and kind of rock back on your heels, then you do a squat as deep as you can…repeat! 

Then, of course, I did my favorite ab machine when I was done with everything since I wasn’t able to use it on Thursday…haha.  I was going to hit the pool for my 600m, buuuuuuut after I got changed into my swimsuit and walked to the pool, I discovered that all 3 lanes of the pool were already taken.  Boooo! 

Initially, when I first got injured, I was a little worried about how I was going to keep losing weight with my new limitations.  Then, after not working out hardly at all last week and still losing 3.5 pounds, I started being a little more positive about my situation.  Then, after my doc cleared me to swim for cardio and after putting a lot of thought into things, I discovered that I CAN still workout, I just have to modify things a little bit to account for the boot.  Anyway, I started this week with a lot more positive vibes and thoughts than I realized I could have after getting injured. 
Last week I had the steaks for lunches, this week I had shrimp that I had sautéed in coconut oil with crushed red pepper, garlic and a dusting of turmeric.  The shrimp has less than 400 calories while the steaks had over 700 calories each day.  So, right off the bat, I’m cutting about 300 calories out of my daily intake.  Boom!
And now, let’s see how that translates to the scale:

Oh wow...where do I start with how I'm feeling right now?  How about WAHOO!  I seriously thought I wasn't going to see a change on the scale this week.  To me, my body felt the same and looked the same as last Saturday.  Wow, looks can really be deceiving!  As you can see, on the left I have posted my most recent "before" pictures (taken the on August 1st) and then directly below that are my pictures from today!

Being the first Saturday of the month, I took the new progress photos, but I also took my measurements and those are:
• Neck: 13.5" (down .25")
• Chest: 34.5" (down 1.5")

• Upper Arm: 13.5" (down .5")
• Waist: 35" (down 1.5")
• Hips: 39.5" (down 3")
• Thigh: 25" (down 1.5")
• Calf: 16.25" (down .75")
Total inches lost since August 1st: 8.0!!!  WOW!  That's just beyond amazing to me!!!

I want to highlight some parts of my eating this week.  I mentioned that on Wednesday I met some people for lunch before going to a training class for work.  We went to a little “hole in the wall” diner type place.  I ordered the turkey club sandwich, no mayo, and green beans instead of French fries.  I had a little bit of heart burn later in the day from the hoagie roll that the sandwich was served on, but it was pretty good.  I’m hoping I did a good job of overestimating the calories that were contained in my sandwich.  I was going to get the BLT minus mayo, but then I saw the turkey club which was the BLT plus turkey!  Had to get it.
Then, on Thursday, we had a going away party at work for one lady that is leaving our department and going to Galveston to be a probation officer!  I hope she enjoys her new job.  Anyway, they did a “chicken and waffles” themed spread.  So I brought in some sugar free syrup and decided I would have a small waffle or a half or quarter of a waffle if they were bigger.  I also decided to allow myself to have one SMALL piece of chicken.  Since I was having the shrimp for lunches this week, my calorie intake each day was actually quite a bit lower than it has been the previous weeks, so a small piece of waffle and a small piece of chicken wouldn’t make a whole huge difference.  Best part?  I was in the same room with all the food all shift long and didn’t get any food beyond what I had already planned to eat before the day started!!!  Woohoo!  I had my 1 waffle with sugar free syrup, my 1 fried chicken drumstick and 2 tiny slivers of cake (1 vanilla and 1 chocolate) with whipped icing.  And then one of the guys I work with is also going through culinary arts school and made some blueberry, strawberry and apple cinnamon compotes, so I tried a tiny bit of each of those.  So proud of myself!  I took 3 boiled eggs with me just in case I felt snacky, I could snack on something healthy and I did eat them because when I plugged in the food from the spread at work, it wasn’t anywhere NEAR as many calories as I thought it would be!
I wanna tell you guys about a little non-scale victory I had this week!  I’ve had to actually choose the clothes I wear each day to work and they have to be professional, business casual type clothes.  Normally I wear a uniform but because of my sprained ankle, I’m not allowed to wear my uniform until my doctor clears me from restricted duty status.  Well, I had this one microfiber skirt suit that I wanted to wear.  What I didn’t realize until I went to wear it on Thursday was that it is a size 6.  Eeek!  I don’t remember the last time I was a size 6.  I held it up to my waist and I was all like, I don’t know if this will fit.  But I tried it on anyway and guess what.  IT FITS!!!!

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