Monday, October 5, 2015

5 Things

5 Things That Are Great About My Life Right This Second:

1. I got cleared from the boot at my doctor’s today so now I can start working on building up the stabilizing muscles in my right leg and getting my legs prepped to start running again!

2. I have gotten almost all of my sewing projects done and should have them all done by Sunday night.

3. I have a wonderful job that lets me accrue sick time so that when I fracture my ankle and have to take a month off of work to get better, I still get paid (just no overtime…oh well). 

4. I’ve discovered intermittent fasting and that it works fabulously for me!  And, part 2, I’m only about 5 pounds from my goal weight (as of this past weekend’s weigh in).

5. I have an amazing family and great friends!

I thought it would be great, after seeing another blogger post her list of 5 things that were great in her life right this second, for me to post my list of 5 things.  Take a second and think of 5 things that are great in your life right this second.  Post your list in the comments if you like, post them on your own blog, or just write them down for yourself to look at when you're feeling a little down and need a pick-me-up.

1 comment:

  1. Fun idea!
    1. I burned 700+ calories this morning and had sweat dripping down my face from the elliptical. Felt so good to sweat. I've done very little cardio since I hurt my ankle and I really miss it.
    2. I'm working from home this week (well, unless I have to work in Philly for a hearing on Thursday) because my boss is out of town. Yeah for working in pajamas that I put back on after my shower!
    3. We're flying to Europe on Friday! And somehow, all the things on my must-do list will get done before then!
    4. Work is hopefully going to be relatively calm this week since my boss is out of the country for work and therefore not sending me any new cases (might be hell when I get back, but that's November's problem! Right now, it's great!).
    5. I think my ankle is healing. It's less swollen and there's less bruising than before. And since I'm working from home, I'm just elevating it on the couch and not wearing my brace, so it's a very comfortable week!


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