Saturday, November 7, 2015

Weekly Recap

Last week I surprised myself with my ability to lose 3.5 pounds at this point in the game.  I honestly didn’t believe that I could lose that much at this point.  I just thought I was closer to my body’s stopping point than I apparently am.  This makes me very happy because even though I was happy with my body at 172.2 years ago doesn’t mean I’m happy with it now at that same point.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m really loving my body lately.  It looks amazing and feels fantastic.  I haven’t felt this great and IN CONTROL in I don’t even know how long…if ever…seriously.  I’ve always been fairly dependent on others for my feelings of self-worth.  I am literally not the same person I was when I started this weight loss journey almost 5 years ago.  Literally.  Not even joking.  Not even a little bit.

Saturday: I just had to get in a mega long run before the marathon that is on the 14th (just one week from the posting of this recap!!!), so I had 18 miles on the schedule.  My plan was to just be comfortable in this run.  I don’t want to get hurt, so I definitely didn’t want to push anything with this run and end up benched again and miss out on my marathon (and other upcoming races I’ve registered for). 

I closed out the month of October in running with 64.6 miles!  Not bad for only running for just over half of the month!
Sunday: went to the renaissance festival again on this day, so no workout, just lots of walking.
Monday: I just wanted to do an easy, shakeout type run this day, so just an easy 3.2 miler to stretch the legs.  It was a great run.  Really worked out the last of the soreness that was in my hammies and quads from Saturday’s run.
Tuesday: I didn’t have my therapy appointment this day as I decided to start going every other week instead of every week.  Things are starting to level out in my life, so not so much to yak about in my sessions.  So, since I had time to do basically whatever I wanted as far as working out, I decided to check out the class schedule at the gym.  They had 2 of the Les Mills classes: Body Attack and Body Pump.  I opted for the Body Attack at 8:30.  It was a really good class.  I will admit that I had it confused with the Body Combat and was expecting kickboxing stuff.  But, I was not disappointed in the class, it did challenge me and it was a lot of fun in general, plus I got to work out with a few other ladies so that made it more fun too.  I followed it up with 35 minutes on the elliptical for 3.15 miles. 
Wednesday: no workout this day, worked overtime on the night shift Tuesday night.

Thursday: no workout again this day, worked overtime on the morning shift.  A little disappointed I didn’t get to run the 6 miles I had planned on this day, but I do need the money and it is currently mandatory I work 16 hours of overtime in my job assignment each month (or just 8 hours in one of the other assignments but I don’t like working in those places, so I’ll happily do the 16…but then I also work like 32+ hours of overtime a month anyway, so no biggie).  But, I’m also technically tapering, even though I haven’t been able to really train for it.  I should still give my legs some active rest by not overloading them with miles leading up to the marathon next Saturday. 

Friday: gotta make it count since I didn’t get to workout at all on Wednesday or Thursday!  I wanted to check out the Les Mills Body Combat class at the gym.  The class was at 9:30, so I got up early so I could do some time on the elliptical first, then do the class, then head home and get ready for work.  On the elliptical, I got 4 miles done in 45 minutes.  As expected the class was basically a cardio-kickboxing style class.  It was super fun and I will probably do it again.  Although, I have to say for a total body workout, the Body Attack class is a better fit. 


Last weekend, I went to the renaissance festival.  You can’t follow a diet or an eating plan when you’re at the renaissance festival.  Unless you bring your own food and, well…no.  I’m not doing that.  I’m not lugging my food around with me at a festival.  So, I just plan to eat off plan when I go.  I’m happy to say that I threw out almost half of the funnel cake I bought and about a third of this pumpkin pecan dessert thing I got at the restaurant on the way home.  They were just so sugary and gross and I wanted to puke at one point as the pumpkin thing was so ridiculously sugar-sugar-sugar.  It didn’t taste like pumpkin at all.  Ugh!  But, after the day was done and the last bit of gross food thrown away, I was so looking forward to my eating agenda for the week:

breakfast: the usual 4 scrambled eggs & 2 over easy eggs with sriracha and sea salt (or 6 boiled eggs with sea salt if I worked a double shift and didn’t have time to cook the eggs on the griddle)
lunch: 5.5 oz of TRIMMED beef brisket cooked in the crockpot and with a zero calorie seasoning dry rub
snack: 3 small honeycrisp apples
dinner: 2 regular sized grapefruits


Soooooo, it’s the first Saturday of a new month again!  You know what that means!  New measurements and progress photos alongside the scale weight and body fat % stats!  YAY!  With the progress I’ve made throughout October, let me tell you, I haven’t been more excited to do new first of the month progress photos and measurements!  I’ve worked so hard.  Over the last almost 3 months, I have discovered a method that works for me.  I do super low carb.  I try to not eat ANY processed carbs like bread or tortillas or anything like that.  The only carbs I try to take in except on occasion are strictly from fruits and veggies.  I also count calories and restrict my calories, usually at or below 1300 a day.  I also do not eat any of my exercise calories unless, of course, it was mega long run day (like I ran a half marathon or more, basically).  On top of all that, most days I follow an intermittent fasting schedule of fasting for 16-18 hours a day and only having things with calories within a 6-8 hour window. 

Over the last almost 3 months, as time has gone on, I look in the mirror (naturally) and I am flat out amazed at what I’m seeing.  I have changed so much since I started with just restricting calories and not eating my exercise calories.  I started really noticing how much I’ve changed a few weeks ago in a spin class I attended.  I scored a cycle right next to the wall which is covered in mirrors.  I noticed how trim my waistline has become and how I don’t have much of a “dunlap” to speak of anymore around my mid-section.

The more progress I make, the more I’m motivated to keep it up!  The more people tell me how well I’m doing, the more I’m inspired to not let them down and disappoint them but failing or falling off the wagon.
Thursday, as I mentioned, I worked overtime on the morning shift.  I was originally thinking that working the morning shift with the intermittent fasting scheduled way of eating would be easier for me since I don’t normally eat until around noon anyway.  However, this has been a week where I’m just captive to my cravings and urges.  I’m not saying I’ve given into my cravings and urges in a big way this week, but there was a lot of unnecessary snacking that happened.  Mostly it was due to last Saturday being Halloween and people bringing in boat loads of left over “fun sized” candies to unload at work so they didn’t have it at THEIR houses tempting THEM to eat it all.  Let me tell you, and I won’t be the first person to say it, there is nothing “fun sized” about fun sized candy.  Have you seen the graphics that tell you how many minutes or reps of certain exercises you have to do to burn off the calories from these “fun sized” pieces of junk?  It’s seriously not worth it.  However, feeling bingey this week, I fell prey to the lure of the fun size.  I know, in the whole big picture of the week that what I ate that was unnecessary wasn’t all that bad, but it was more than nothing, so therefore I feel bad about it.  I try to not regret anything as far as food goes because food shaming is real and it’s not healthy.  Just like any kind of shaming isn’t healthy or good for you (shocker). 

But, anyway, back to the whole I thought doing a double shift with the morning shift to my regular evening shift would be easier because of my normal intermittent fasting schedule of eating.  However, I found my stomach growling and grumbling early in the day.  Like before 8am!!!  What the heck?  Usually I can quiet my stomach with some coffee or a diet soda, but it was having none of that Thursday morning!  It was so frustrating because I was not about to eat earlier than noon.  Good thing I had lots of blog reading and writing to keep me occupied and help distract me, because that really did help take my mind off the protestations of my stomach.  It didn’t help that one of the guys on the morning shift has a habit of stocking this little crate with snacks like the crackers with fake cheese and peanut butter and little cookies and things.  Of course, I really didn’t want them, but that has never stopped me from stuffing my face with food in the past.  But I resisted this time.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve kind of gotten in the habit of doing a cheat meal or suedo-cheat day on the weekends and only sticking to my intermittent fasting and rigid calorie restriction/counting on the weekdays for the most part.  I think after my marathon weekend next weekend, that I will cut that out for a while.  I will have a cheat weekend when I go to San Antonio the first weekend in December just because I’ll be out of town and staying in a hotel, but I will do my best to eat as healthy and responsibly as possible while I’m in San Antonio, but there will be a giant plate of pasta the night before the marathon at the very least.  But, I think, for the remainder of 2015, I need to cut out cheat-anything unless I just straight up can’t avoid it.  And, honestly, the vast majority of the time (even with eating out) it CAN indeed be avoided…I just need to avoid excuses.   

I earned a new FitBit badge this week!
And, without further ado...


Wow!!!  I put on a pair of size 8 jeans that, when I started this round of weight loss attempts, were very tight and now they are practically falling off of me!!!  I wear a 6, if not a 4 now!!!  But, no shopping for new jeans just yet.  I’d like to get to my goals before I do that.  Since I started this round, I have lost a total of 26.8 pounds and 19 total inches!!!  I have blasted past my original goal of 170 and I am just trucking right along toward my new goal.  Only time will tell where I end up!

To end this post, I will leave you with a collage of my "before" pic next to today's "during" pic.

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