Thursday, December 10, 2015

Turkey Trot Race Report

On Thanksgiving morning, I ran the Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot 5 mile run for the second year in a row.  Last year, I did the minimalist thing with dressing up and wore a turkey hat with a questionable appearance.  Last year I ran the 5 miles in 56:05 minutes.  Last year it was just a little bit cold, but that was the only weather thing going on.  Now onto this year.

I decided a couple months ago that I wanted to dress up as Pocahontas (or, if you’re feeling generic, an Indian maiden), so when Spirit Halloween opened up shop for the Halloween season, I made my way down there with my 20% off coupon to find me a decent but not pricey Indian princess costume.  At the time I bought it, it was a little snug but fit well.  On race day, however, I had lost about 20 pounds more so it fit VERY well on race day and even though I figured there’d be no chafing, I still lubed up my stomach area just in case as there were seams that went across the stomach area and I wasn’t wearing a tech shirt or anything under the costume, just a sports bra and some spandex shorts. 

The temp was good on race morning, in the 60’s I believe, so just the costume with no long sleeve underneath it and I was more than comfortable.  There was a slight chance of rain listed on the Weather Channel app, but it was very slight, so I brought my Bluetooth earphones instead of my earbuds.  As I made my way to the start line it started to drizzle/mist ever so slightly.  Just great!  (my Bluetooth earphones are sweat resistant, but not waterproof)

I had saved myself $5 by opting for the untimed option.  they like for the runners with timing chips to be up toward the front and the untimed runners further back, but I found a couple people making their way through the crowd and just followed behind them to make my way up closer to the front to help get ahead of a lot of the people I knew would be walking the whole 5 miles and try and lessen the amount of weaving in and out of the crowd that I would be doing.  It didn’t seem as packed as last year and the crowd seemed to flow better once the starting horn went off and the crowd started toward the start line.

We crossed the timing mats and off we went up Lavaca St.  As we ran up Lavaca, the rain kept trying here and there, but nothing more than a heavy drizzle.  We made it to 15th street and took a left.  Down 15th is the same as the Cap10K where they have the King/Queen of the Hill mini-competition up the crazy hill just to the east of Lamar St.  I skipped the water stop because there was just way too many people at it.  We made our way to the Mopac Expressway and turned the wrong way down the northbound frontage road and then continued the wrong way on the ramp to Cesar Chavez St.  I again skipped the water stop because there was again way too many people getting water.

I cruised down Cesar Chavez and made the turn onto the S 1st St bridge, then the final turn onto Riverside and made my last mad dash for the finish line.  As I ran down the chute there were lots of people cheering on the Indian maiden.  I crossed the finish line at 49:51 minutes.  Boom!  Beat my time from last year AND got a less than 10:00 overall average pace for the whole run.
After I crossed the finish there was quite a bit of confusion about finding the people handing out bottles of water.  Since I skipped all the water stops I was thirsty!  Then I found the food tent and grabbed a muffin, a banana and some mini KIND cranberry almond bars.

I love this run and I think, unless I’m out of town (visiting family in Oregon would basically be the only reason I wouldn’t be in town), I will make this an annual Thanksgiving tradition for myself.  I just need to learn to not over indulge later in the day on all the Thanksgiving foods and all will be well in the world.

The photography company provided full digital download of all of your images for free!  Or, for a small donation to a local charity.  I chose to donate.  But, as a result, I got to download every single picture of me!





  1. Awesome negative splits Sara!!!!!!! Your pics and costume rock!!!!! #kenthumbsup

  2. Love the outfit! I have a few friends who sometimes wear costumes for our turkey trot, I should get in on it one year!


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