Monday, January 25, 2016

Tax Return Time

I’m sure most of you have gotten your W2s by now and I’m sure at least half of you that already have your W2s have also already filed their taxes.  As of Saturday, I have filed my taxes.  I’m getting a smidge more than I was expecting/hoping for…but only like $20 more.  I don’t have children or a house or make large charitable donations (and I don’t get receipts for the donations I do make because, well, making the donation and helping someone out is more than enough reward for me…and of course getting rid of stuff I no longer need/want is pretty rewarding too) or any of the things that make your tax return bigger.  So, I guess my return is probably around average…?  I’m not going to tell you what I’m getting back so I guess we’ll never know…ha!

Anyway, I have a couple plans for my tax returns.  I’ll be pre-ordering the new FitBit Blaze, buying an elliptical machine that I will install in my living room, and then financing my April trip to visit my friends and family in Oregon.  Hopefully there will be at least $300 left over after the trip is done and I can pay off a credit card. 

I was going to get the slighter smaller, more apartment-friendly sized elliptical.  But then I started comparing the features to the slightly larger one and I have to say, it doesn’t even remotely measure up.  The slight decrease in size isn’t worth the loss of all the pre-programmed programs and data that the slightly bigger one has.  The bigger one can sync with MyFitnessPal, which I already use fairly religiously.  It has a goal tracking program that I can use on their website.  It has a longer stride platform.  It has more resistance.  I can manually add an incline (the smaller one has zero options for incline) if I want to.

I will have to rearrange my living room to accommodate the new elliptical so that it can be set up so that I can see the TV properly.  I am going to flip-flop my couch and loveseat, which will give me room to position the elliptical in front of the TV without blocking off route of travel into the kitchen and dining room (and my desk and computer).

Here's the features & specs:

-SchwinnDualTrack™ two LCD window system allows you to monitor up to 13 different display feedbacks

-SchwinnConnect™ goal tracking and data export keeps you aware of your progress as you focus on your fitness goals

-USB charging port and data exchange to SchwinnConnect™ and/or

-22 programs, 2 user settings and goal tracking are there to keep you motivated and challenged

-20” Precision Path™ stride length

-10° manual ramp range with 6 positions

-Large articulating footplates with cushioning

-20 levels of eddy current resistance

-A high speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel keeps workouts smooth and quiet

-Two integrated levelers and a center frame support for a sold workout platform

- Transport wheels allow for easy movement from room to room

- Oversized crossbar tubing for added stability

-Ergonomically placed static handlebars with grip heart rate for comfortable use with heart rate programs

-Angled moving handlebars let you find a comfortable hand position

-Acoustic chamber speakers for big quality sound

-3-speed fan to keep you cool 

I am so excited for this.  I honestly feel this will be a great way for me to keep active when I don’t have time to go to the gym or I don’t feel like leaving the house to exercise and I can watch whatever I want while I stride away on my very own elliptical in the comfort of my own living room!  And, one less piece of exercise equipment to buy once I’ve bought a house!  I am 100% positive that having my own elliptical machine will help me to reach my goals. 

Let’s talk practicalities.  The warranty on the slightly larger one is so much better than the one on the smaller one.  10 years versus 1 year.  Yea.  No competition.  And it’s only $230 more.  Also, free shipping.  I could pay the $110 for someone to come to my apartment and put it together for me, but I’m hoping I’m mechanically inclined enough to put it together myself. 

My next home exercise equipment purchase will be a set of generic TRX-style exercise straps that I can just wrap around my pullup bar and then I can start doing TRX exercises at home.  After that, I want to get a BOSU ball.

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  1. I'm so jealous! My house is too small to put any workout equipment in. :( I barely have room to do the Walk At Home DVDs. That's a pretty cool machine.


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