Saturday, January 2, 2016

Weekly Recap

Well…HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I had wanted to post a New Year’s post yesterday, but I worked overtime on the night shift on New Year’s Eve, so that didn’t happen yesterday…look for it tomorrow, though.  I’ll be going over my goals for this year and what my hopes and dreams are for 2016 leading into 2017.

I mentioned in last week’s recap that I’d be back on the scale this week…and I am.  There was definitely damage done to the great progress I had made between September and November, but I know I can turn it around again.  December is notoriously a bad and depressing time for me because of my birthday and Christmas and I miss my family more and more every holiday season.  My niece and nephews are growing up and I’m missing 98% of it all.  But anyway, that’s probably an entire blog post all by itself that I may or may not type up one day.  The point of the matter is that if you base how your life is doing strictly by what the scale says, then December royally sucked ass for me.  But, it’s the New Year and that means a new beginning, right?  RIGHT!  So, let’s do this!  But first, let’s go over what my final week of 2015 looked like exercise-wise.  This week was like last week in that I worked 3 shifts (24 hours) of overtime…that’s three 16 hour shifts along with 2 regular 8 hour shifts all within the span of 5 days.  Last week I was reminded why I don’t like to work more than 2 shifts of overtime a week.  I was so exhausted at the end of last week.  And I am again this week.

Saturday: ran my longest run since the San Antonio Marathon.  13.1 miles for the inaugural Rock 'n' Roll Bonus Track Virtual Run.  I got to pick my own distance and decided that I should go for a longer distance.  My friend Kirsten is always telling me that I go too fast when I do my long runs and that as a result I’m not letting my body recover which probably was a big factor in why I got so burnt out earlier this year.  She says that my long runs need to be AT LEAST 1 minute slower than marathon goal pace, but preferably closer to 2 minutes slower than marathon goal pace.  My current marathon goal pace for the upcoming Austin Marathon is 10:15.  That means I should be running, we’ll go with a minute and 30 seconds slower which would be, 11:45 min/mi.  I did go a little faster than that on this run and had an average pace of 11:26.  When I started, the first 3 miles my legs were super tight and felt like lead, then I stopped to take my action selfie and when I started running again my legs felt much better.  I had a hard time keeping my mile times above 11:00 for the final 5K, but I managed to do it.  So, my first successful long SLOW run is done!
Sunday: I’m so disappointed in my lack of going to the gym lately.  I really want to make sure I get to the gym AT LEAST once a week in 2016.  It needs to be a priority!  Anyway, I did my standard 65 minutes on the elliptical followed by my machines workout.

Monday: speedwork day!!!  I have seen in some other people who I follow on social media that they alternate weeks with what kind of speedwork they do.  For instance, one week they’ll do intervals, then next they’ll do tempo, then they’ll do strides, repeats, or Yassos (and honestly, I have no idea what strides are).  Well, I’ve decided that one week I’ll do intervals and then the next I’ll do tempos and then back and forth.  Since I did intervals last week, this week was a tempo run!  I decided that I wanted to do a 2 mile warm up followed by 4 miles at marathon goal pace, then a 1 mile cool down.  I need to figure out how to use the Virtual Partner on my Garmin and whether or not it works like a pace alert.

Tuesday & Wednesday: worked overtime Monday and Tuesday nights, so there was no working out on these days.  All I did was make sure I hit my 10K steps each day.

Thursday: ran my hilly run this day, but tweaked it a little bit.  This was my final run for 2015 and I was working overtime on the night shift, so I wouldn’t be able to do a New Year’s Day morning run, so I did the New Year’s 10K virtual run I had signed up for on this day instead.  New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day…close enough, right?  Anyway, my hilly route is 5 miles, so I just added a little out-and-back part to it (which added another very nice hill…YAY!) that totaled 1.2 miles to make it a full 10K.  Mile 5 was my slowest mile at 11:40 min because it had 2 big hills in it, but I finished up the final 1.2 miles at about a 10:00 min pace.  I might actually just keep this 6.2 mile route and add another .3 to it to make it a 6.5 mile run.  I need to change the distances I’m running and really not run less than 8 miles if I can help it. 
Friday: as I said, I worked overtime Thursday night, so no workout, just my 10K steps.


2015 is done and over now!  2015 was a great year.  I didn’t get to run as much as I was hoping I would run due to burn out and injury, but I made quite the comeback after both of those things were dealt with and recovered from.  I keep a running log in a little pocket calendar and add up my miles at the end of each month.  I post a picture at the end of each month, if I remember to…ha!  I’m happy to say that I easily ran 103.55 miles in the month of December!  It didn’t even feel like I was running that much.  It was just easy!  Usually months that I run a marathon during I have a hard time getting at least 100 miles, but this time it just sort of happened!  And that makes me happy!  I totaled up my miles for the entire year and I ran 882.32 miles, well shy of my goal of 1000 miles, but there was the burn out and the injury, so yea.  In 2014, I ran over 960 miles, but I wasn’t injured or burnt out.  I’m not disappointed in my mileage for 2015.  I know I can do 1000 miles in a year and that’s my plan for this year.  I’ve already registered for a 1000 miles in 2016 challenge put on by I <3 to Run and I’m looking forward to earning the medal and the shirt (yep, I spent the extra $10 for the shirt!).

So, I had said that I would be back on the scale for better or for worse as of today and I’m a woman of my word.  I stepped on the scale AND, since it’s the first Saturday of the month, I also took all my measurements.  It’s not pretty, but it’s a new starting point and I can only go down from here…hopefully…hahaha!
12.1 pounds gained.  Ugh.  I could be disgusted and disappointed right now.  However, I’m just going to accept it.  I’ve been through this before…too many times.  I know I said that when I made my last go at weight loss this past fall that I wanted it to be the last attempt at getting to my goal weight, but I’ve now gone from 5.1 pounds away from my goal to 17.2 pounds away…in one month.  Eating disorders are a bitch, excuse the language.  I’m not going to say “this is the last time” again.  I’m just going to say that I’m giving it my all again and I will try my best to not let my demons derail me again.  I didn’t have time to take new progress photos before I left for my early morning run this morning, so I will take them tomorrow and they’ll have their own post, along with my measurements that I did get done today.

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  1. I agree about long run pace, but one way you might like is to do "fast finish" long runs, where you run the last 1-3 miles around marathon goal pace. That might be the perfect balance for you.
    Re: tempo runs, fwiw, I believe you usually want tempo miles to be faster than marathon goal pace (closer to 10k or lactate threshold pace).
    Re: strides (at least how I've always done them), it's a series of pick-ups, building over about 30 seconds to about mile/max speed, then slowing back down to recover -- usually about 8-10 sets of those in a weekday run is a great way of improving leg turnover.
    Happy 2016!


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