Saturday, January 16, 2016

Weekly Recap

Short and to the point, let's get on with my exercise for the week...
Saturday: last run with my friend Stacey for a few weeks.  She has a trail race one week that she’s running, then she’s doing some mission work for her school for a couple weeks, then maybe we can start running together again.  I didn’t run anything above what she had scheduled for this run as I was running the Rogue Distance Challenge’s 30K race the next day.  So, I was treating this run as a long-ish shakeout run, so slow, steady, easy.  We did 8 miles and it felt great.  After we got done, my calf did tighten up on me a little.  I massaged it at the restaurant under the table and that helped a little.  I decided that I should wear calf sleeves for the 30K, though.
Sunday: as mentioned, I ran a 30K race this day.  That’s about 18.6 miles in case you’re wondering…or, it would have been had the lead cyclist not turned when he was supposed to go straight and led the entire 30K pack off course, slashing over 3 miles from the course.  The race directors scrambled together and fixed it by adding an out-and-back right before the end, but they said it ended up making the entire course about .5 mile long, which is also exactly what my Garmin said!  So, 19.25 miles ran this day in an awesome race!
Monday: I wanted to take a much deserved rest day, so I hit up the massage place for a sports massage!  I had a coupon for $10 off any massage that one place had sent me for my birthday, so I used that!

Tuesday: I went to the gym, but between running short on time and feeling a little “meh” and shaky, all I did was my 65 minutes on the elliptical.
Wednesday: went to the gym again.  Had full intentions of doing my 65 minutes on the elliptical AND a TRX circuit workout, however, I found myself feeling a little “meh” and shaky again, but not as bad as Tuesday.  So, I skipped the TRX exercises and called it good at the elliptical.
Thursday: planned to go for a “junk miles” run today.  Had a 10K virtual race medal to earn and am still trying to rest my calf and my foot (oh yea, I stepped wrong when I got out of my car pre-race Sunday morning and tweaked the outside of my left foot), but didn’t want to take TOO much time off.  Ha.  So, I ran easy this day…or so I had planned on doing.  HA!  I started running comfortably and being mindful of my foot (I had it taped to support the head of the 5th metatarsal bone).  My comfortable pace was 10:37 for the first mile.  My foot felt good after that, so I bumped it up a little bit to 10:14 (marathon goal pace).  I then decided, “This ain’t no junk miles run!  We’re going to do a fast-ish paced tempo run!”  So that’s what I did.  Miles 3-5 were 9:39, 9:37 and 9:27.  Then I cooled down with a 10:22 for mile 6 and the final .2 was at a 10:33 pace.  It was great to get, I think, my second fastest 10K time on a training run…and not feel like I worked all that hard when I was done.  I’d say this was a moderate effort run. 

Friday: I worked overtime on the night shift Thursday night, so no workout on this day.


I used my muscle stimulator a fair amount during the early part of this week on my right calf.  That cramp I got last week was the worst cramp I’ve EVER had!  I wanted to make sure it didn’t turn in a strain or a full-on torn muscle.  So, I took it easy this week with the running, just Saturday and Sunday and then only one weekday run.  And I’m going to do a 3-week taper before the Austin Marathon instead of my standard 2 weeks.  I think my calf needs a little rest before I run 26.2 miles again…and this route has lots of hills!  And the hills seem to be what is irritating my calf the most.  I also went and got a massage on Monday and made sure to tell the masseuse about my calf issues.

I did my best with eating again this week.  I was, again, as honest as I could be with tracking.  There’s just some meals at certain places that aren’t in anybody’s food databases.  So, I type in what I ate and pick what seems right, erring on the side of picking the higher calorie content option just so I can over estimate rather than under estimate what I ate, or maybe hit it square on what I ate.  I broke my goal to be more honest and consistent in tracking what I eat on Tuesday.  I had Taco Cabana, fried chicken and a couple cookies.  I honestly just didn’t want to face the music and opted to just write the day off and start over Wednesday morning and do my best to stick to the plan the rest of the week.

Normally, this is where I’d post my scale pic and my thoughts on it.  However, because I worked overtime last minute Thursday night, I really couldn’t get an accurate weigh in Friday and I wasn’t going to weigh in this morning because, well, I had to carb load for this morning’s extra-long long run, so I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten an accurate weigh in this morning either.  So, no weigh in this week.  I’ll be back on the scale next Saturday!

A note, when I wrote about “junk miles” in Thursday’s exercise entry, I don’t want you to think that they’re miles that don’t matter at all…because they do.  But, they’re not working toward a specific purpose like speedwork or other workout types of runs.  Junk miles are just miles you run to log miles. 

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