Saturday, January 30, 2016

Weekly Recap

Saturday: since I worked overtime Wednesday and Thursday nights last week, I missed a 4 mile run I was going to do either Thursday or Friday morning.  I had originally planned on running 13.1 for this day, but since I missed that 4 miles, I decided to up it to a 17 mile run so my weekly mileage wouldn’t be too low.  I did one whole loop of Ladybird Lake, then I did the 7 mile loop between Mopac and I-35.  I held an overall average of 10:46.
Sunday: I didn’t do anything other than household chores and crafting while watching Disney movies with my friend Amanda.  I didn’t even hit 10K steps. 

Monday: last speed session before the Austin Marathon!!!  I did my 4 miles of intervals.  It was about a minute slower overall than I was hoping for.  And I felt like I was clomping…my foot falls were really heavy.  But, I got it done and I’m happy for that.
Tuesday: I went to the gym.  I started off with 30 minutes on the elliptical and then did my strength training.  On the TRX straps, I did my superman to chest press, tricep extensions, pistol squats, leaning row, and ab tucks.  Then I did lunges with 25 lb dumbbells with my front foot on a small BOSU ball and ended each circuit with 15 side steps (each way) with the resistance band.  Then I got back on the elliptical for another 35 minutes.

Wednesday: went for a 10K hilly run.  My route was partially on a portion of the Austin Marathon route as it goes thru Tarrytown down Exposition.  Last hill workout before the marathon!!!  My pace was pretty steady the first 4 miles with splits of 11:10, 11:16, 11:11 and 11:18, then I was able to pick up the pace down to 10:56 for mile 5 and mile 6 was 10:29!  And the final .2 was at a 10:11 pace!  Oh yea!  I love that I can pick up the pace like that after some tough miles!
Thursday: I had planned to do my standard 65 minutes of elliptical and then my machines strength training workout.  However, at about the 30 minute mark on the elliptical I started feeling a little jittery and whatnot.  I cut the elliptical short at 50 minutes and completely nixed the strength training.  I decided that enough was enough and on my way home, I stopped a the store and picked up some unsweetened original almond milk so I can start making a protein shake before I go to the gym.

Friday: went to the gym again.  I was going to do my 65 on the elliptical and then strength training, but ran some errands and paid my bills before going to the gym, so I only had enough time to do my strength training.  I'm totally okay with that.  I'm just super happy I got my strength training done!  It's been a couple weeks since I was on the machines so I wasn't able to lift the weight I could when I used them last and when I would think that maybe I could just drop the weight a little bit because it was hard, I reminded myself that "if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you" and then would bump the weight UP a little bit.


This week, unlike last week, I was actually able to MOSTLY stick to my eating plans.  There were little things here and there that weren't on "the plan," but the important thing is that I TRACKED EVERYTHING I ATE!!!  I'm very proud of myself.  And, as a result of my tracking everything I ate as best as I could, I know that I only exceeded my calorie allowance and "earned exercise calories" on one day and even then, I only exceeded it by about 200 calories.  As a result of my diligence (and the plain and simple fact that I was tired of eating "wrong"...finally), well...just look at the scale!
5.4 pounds!!!  That's just amazing.  I knew that I had lost a good amount this week, or that I had at least lost inches even if I didn't really lose much weight, based on how my work uniform was fitting.  At the beginning of the week, my uniform pants were comfortable.  A little loose, but definitely not falling off of me.  By yesterday, Friday, my uniform pants were pretty much falling off of me!  YAY!

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