Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February Goals

I think I completely dropped the ball in January and didn’t post any goals for the month.  Oops. 
After much thought and consideration, I’ve thought of a few goals for February:
• as I’m running the Austin Marathon this month, I would like to finish in 4:30:00 or faster.
• run at least 100 miles.
• go to the gym twice a week…or more.
• hit 10K steps every day (even on Sundays…I’ve had a problem with getting my steps in on Sundays the last few weeks).
• follow intermittent fasting and my eating plans Monday through Friday; eat sensibly and intuitively on the weekends.
• lose some weight.
I’m vague on the last point because at this point, any weight loss is good weight loss.  Heck, I’m going in the right direction, right?  That’s really all that matters.  I just want to keep making positive changes in my life and getting settled into a rhythm and a lifestyle that I can MAINTAIN in the long term.  That’s why I’ve separated the work week from the weekend when it comes to how I want to eat.
I’m hoping that I’ve put in enough of the right kind of work in order to hit my time goal for the Austin Marathon.  I have my paceband all printed out and ready to go.  I’ve reviewed it and I’m sure that so long as I’m not having a bad day that I will hit my splits like I should.

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