Thursday, February 11, 2016

Marathon Hopes

Back in December, after accidentally getting a new marathon PR after only running and training for less than 2 months after fracturing my ankle, I decided to set a time goal for my next marathon: the Austin Marathon (this Sunday).  I didn’t just want to PR by a few minutes, I wanted to PR by over 14 minutes!  What?!?!?!  Am I crazy?  Yes.  Yes, I am.  To help myself work toward this goal, I started doing some speedwork, though I’m still really new at this whole workout run thing, so they were very simple speedwork runs.  I also started doing hilly runs.  Not hill repeats, though.  I would just pick a route to run that had HUGE hills in it.  I also did a couple runs along the hilliest portion of the Austin Marathon route.

Am I ready?  Maybe…maybe not.  I’m as ready as I can be, I think.  I’m always super nervous before a marathon.  The last couple runs I’ve done, the effort felt like more than it was.  My heart rate was in the 140’s to low 150’s, so I wasn’t over exerting myself during these runs.  I think it’s just nerves.  Plus I hear other runners talk about how running during the taper feels like it’s harder than it is and that makes them more nervous about how they’ll run come race morning.  So we’ll see come race morning.  I’m hoping it’s just the taper and come race morning all will be well.

Yes I want to PR by over 14 minutes and finish in under 4 hours and 30 minutes.  However, ultimately, I want to have fun.  Of the 5 marathons I’ve ran, this is one of my favorites and I’m really looking forward to running it for a second time.

Are any of you running the Austin Marathon or Half this Sunday?  If so, let me know!


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