Saturday, February 13, 2016

Weekly Recap

This week was the final week before THE MARATHON!!!  Dun, dun, dunnnnnnn!  Haha.  So yea, I needed to take it somewhat easy to make sure that my body is well rested and able to tackle the “aggressive” time goal I have set for myself.  Sure, it’s “aggressive,” but I also think it’s totally attainable.  With that said, I took my friend Kirsten’s advice and took it easy.  I did my workouts, but I didn’t “kill” my workouts.  I went easy.

Saturday: ran 10 miles with my friend Stacey!  I’ve missed her!  She’s been out of town doing mission work and things for her school, so we had plenty to talk about as we ran.  The 10 miles pretty much flew by.  She struggled a little the last 3 so I had to turn up my motivator-ness and push her to the finish. 

Sunday: I ran a 10K this day!  The Chocoholic Frolic down in San Antonio, TX.  I did my best to not “race” this race.  My goal for 2016 was to run sub-1 hr 10Ks…but not this one.  With just 1 week before the BIG DAY, I wasn’t about to wear out my legs by seeking a new 10K PR.  So I just ran and enjoyed the run.  (race recap will be posted as soon as official photos are purchased and received…as per usual)
Monday: no workout, just caught up on some costume making and all my house work.

Tuesday: went and ran 7 miles at a moderate pace at the Brushy Creek Park trail.  I really like this trail.  I was mostly just trying to 1) log some miles and 2) keep my legs loose for Sunday.
Wednesday: went to the gym and did just the elliptical.  Again, just trying to keep my legs loose…and make sure I hit my 10K steps for the day.
Thursday: part of me wanted to run and part of me didn’t want to run.  I didn’t get out of bed until 8am, but I only had a 4 miler planned, so I still had PLENTY of time.  I was actually leaning more toward not running but then my friend Ken posted about his 5 mile run and then I HAD to go for my run.  Thank you Ken for motivating me!  I ended up running the first 2 miles at 10:30 and the second 2 miles at 10:22.  It felt a little harder than that pace should have felt, but my pulse was in the 140s for the most part.
Friday: managed to pick up overtime on the night shift Thursday night (YAY!), so no workout this morning.


I thought a lot this week about weighing in versus not weighing in.  I knew I’d be up.  Due to pre-marathon nerves and anxiety attacks over other things going on in my life right now, I ate things I shouldn’t have and too much of just about everything this week.  My work uniform didn’t really get any tighter.  I know I’ll burn off a good deal of stored energy running the marathon tomorrow.  After the marathon tomorrow, I want to really try and recapture what I had last fall where my exercise and my eating were all on point and I felt great.  If I can get that back, the weight loss will just happen like it did in the fall.  I just need to have a plan in place so that upsets don’t derail me.  I hate saying these same things over and over again.  I really hope it doesn’t make me sound disingenuous to you guys.  I hope that every time I start over you’re not rolling your eyes at me while you’re reading my posts and muttering “oh, here she goes…AGAIN.”  I will eventually get to my goal weight and the maintenance phase.  I don’t like using excuses or crutches.  I don’t like saying things about how having an eating disorder make this whole process 100 times harder than it should be, but it’s the truth.  Maybe I should find a book about how to deal with an eating disorder and get a handle on it?  I’ll look into that.

Anyway, I weighed in this morning, so I might as well share that with you.
I have to say I am surprised.  I didn’t think that, after the way I ate this week, that I would have LOST weight.  I was prepared to see a gain. 

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