Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Goals

In February I ran 84.7 miles. I had a goal of at least 100 miles. I fell a little short. A while back I told a friend that the months where I run a marathon are the months I have the most trouble logging higher mileage. He was surprised to hear that. However, it's no surprise to those who run marathons. Say the marathon is mid-month like the Austin marathon was. You're tapering and logging way less miles the 2 weeks leading up to the marathon. Then, after the marathon you're in recovery and therefore logging way less miles. Some people don't run at all for 1-3 weeks after a marathon. I usually take 2-5 days off from running post-marathon. It just depends on how I feel. Hopefully I can ramp my mileage back up in March. With that said, let me go over my goals for March:

• run at least 100 miles
• finish the San Felipe Shootout without injuring myself
• do 2 strength training workouts a week
• finish up the 22 in 22 challenge...and then keep going by doing pushups every day, ultimately increasing the amount of pushups I'm doing each day
• start doing pull ups
• read as much of the book Run Less Run Faster and develop a plan for training that will help me increase my base speed
• make a valiant attempt to PR the 5K (I'm running 2 this month so I have 2 opportunities)
• lose some weight…any weight, even just 1 pound is fine with me

I think that's a good list for my monthly goals. Some are repeats (and will continue to be repeated each month) and some are new or specific to this month.

In February, I also fell short on my 10K steps a day every day.  Usually on Sundays.  I did not follow my intermittent fasting schedule.  And I did not lose any weight.  In fact, I’m about 5 pounds heavier now than I was at the beginning of February.  Ugh.

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  1. I wonder what you'll think of Run Less Run Faster. I usually think of that as a strategy for injury-prone runners or those who don't like running very much, but it's certainly well-regarded, so it may be great for you!


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