Sunday, March 6, 2016

Weekly Recap

Yesterday was a little crazy, which is why this didn't get posted until today.  I worked overtime Friday night and got off work at 6am, so I slept until noon then got up and mailed my FitBit Surge off to my friend Jessica (so excited for her to get it and start using it and motivate herself!), then I went for lunch and by the time I got home, it was pretty much time to decide what I was going to wear for the half marathon I ran last night and then hit the road so I could pick up my packet by 5pm.  Then I ran the race and hit the store for a little bit of grocery shopping, then home and shower and crash in the bed!

Saturday: spent the entire day at the renaissance festival.  Lots of time on my feet and made it a little over my 10K steps for the day.

Sunday: spent most of the day running errands, going shooting, and procrastinating.  Finally headed out for a run around 5:30pm.  geez.  But, the temp was around 70° and there was a light breeze, so it was a comfortable run.  I’m still recovering from the marathon, but this day’s run definitely felt better than Friday last week’s run did, so that’s good.
Monday: went to the gym and did 43 minutes on the elliptical on the cross country program then hit the free weights.  I did decline bench, deadlifts with a barbell, standing rows with a barbell, side bends, bicep curls and step ups.

Tuesday: ran the 1.33 miles to the school track, then ran 8 laps with 100m sprint and 300m recovery, then ran back home.  Felt fantastic!  I’d like to do this once a week and eventually work up to 100m sprint 100m recovery, then repeat for 8 laps.  Then I ran back home for a total distance of 5 miles.

Wednesday: still pretty sore from Monday’s visit to the gym mixed with some defensive tactics training I did for work on Tuesday, so I skipped the strength training and just did my 65 minutes on the elliptical on the cross country setting.

Thursday: was going to go for an 8 mile run, but took too long doing the other things I needed to do on this morning so I actually ran out of time and cut it short at 7 miles.  It was also really warm for an early March morning so my heart rate was over 160 for the majority of the run, which just made the whole thing feel harder than it was.

Friday: picked up overtime on the night shift Thursday night, so no workout on this day.


This week I decided to add a little something to my daily routine.  A while back I heard about the 22 for 22 challenge.  Pick an exercise that might be a little challenging for you and do 22 reps of it a day for 22 days.  The point of this challenge is to raise awareness for the average of 22 American soldiers that commit suicide each day.  Being a veteran myself, this hits me close to the heart.  I also suffer with chronic and lifelong issues with depression and PTSD due to events in my past.  I’ve been there.  I’ve been in that moment where you can’t see beyond the moment and everything seems hopeless and like there’s no point.  It’s not an easy place to be in.  So the more awareness I can bring, the more help they can get so maybe they can see at least a little bit that there is something beyond that moment and that it’s not as hopeless as it feels.  So, I finally started the challenge.  I decided to do 22 pushups on my BOSU ball for 22 days.  I challenge you to do the same.  Maybe not the same exercise, but pick something that is a little challenging for you and do 22 reps a day for 22 days.  Then post about it on social media and tag it #22for22 and help spread awareness!

Oh so yea!  I finally got a working pump for my BOSU ball!  So, it’s now fully inflated and useable!  I love it!  I love having my own BOSU!  Now I just need a pair of 30 pound dumbbells and I can do that entire workout at home!  Woohoo!

For the most part, during the week my eating was pretty good.  There was some extra eating on Thursday but that was the day I worked a double shift, so it’s to be expected…at least a little bit…that I would eat a little extra.  But, I did do my best to not go fully overboard.

And now, for the scale...
Yep, you read that right, I'm UP 2.9 pounds.  However, before I freak out, let's look at the bottom number, my body fat %.  Last week it was, while I gained 2.9 pounds, my body fat went down .7%.  So, maybe the gain isn't *all* bad.  I do have some plans rolling around in my head to get this turned around and going back in the direction I want/need it to go.  It has a LOT to do with what I'm eating.  So, I bought a BUNCH of tilapia because it's super low in calories and cheap and I can eat a large serving of it (12 oz) and still be under 350 calories for that meal.  And then my usual eggs, some orange-spiced sweet potatoes cooked in the crockpot and sliced apples.  That's what I'll be eating this week.  That's about 1100 calories a day.  I need to get myself back in control and, really, my main problem is food.  I need to grow a spine and tell myself "no" when things I shouldn't be eating present themselves to me.

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