Saturday, March 26, 2016

Weekly Recap

Saturday: ran the Shamrockin’ 5K with my friend Heather.  This is her 2nd 5K this year and I’m very proud of her!  She’s doing awesome!  It was chilly and the super windiness didn’t help with that.  I was wearing a cowboy style St Patrick’s themed hat and I had to keep my head down for about half the race to keep the wind from blowing it off the top of my head!  I had it tied around my chin so it wasn’t going to fly completely off, but yea.  I figured I’d run really fast because it was cold, but noooo, I just ran an average, almost slow 5K race pace for me.  Booo.  Finished in 30:58 with a 9:38 average pace.  Meh.  I have more 5K’s scheduled for this year, I WILL get a new PR!

Sunday: there were plans made and none of them happened.  Excuses and laziness happened.  Other than the 5K on Saturday, at this point, I have not worked out or ran since last Tuesday.  Geez.  That is unacceptable!  But what is done (or should I say what is not done) is done and I must move on.

Monday: I had full intentions of running 13.1 and earning one of my virtual race medals, however I did not want to get out of bed.  I finally pried myself out of bed a little after 8am, had my coffee, ran a couple errands and still had time to knock out 8 well paced miles.  Better than nothing, even if it wasn’t what I was originally gunning for.  It’s also more than I ran ALL WEEK last week, so that’s a win!

Tuesday: worked overtime Monday night, so no run or workout done this day.

Wednesday: since I epically failed with logging much more than a 10K in total miles last week, I wanted to make sure I got 3 runs in this week and I didn’t want to do a run the day before a 5K I’m hoping to race and make a PR attempt at on top of that, so that rules out running on Friday morning.  And, since I’m working overtime on the night shift on this day, that rules Thursday morning out for a run as well.  I was planning to do a 13.1 mile run and earn a virtual race medal, but didn’t want to get up early enough to make that happen, so I just did 10 miles.  HA!  “just” 10!  The run went pretty well, but I did struggle a little bit the last couple miles.  Overall average pace of 10:36, so I’m happy with it.  When I was done with my run, I noticed that FitBit had awarded me a new badge!  1600 lifetime miles!  (now, this “lifetime” refers to how many miles I’ve run and walked since owning a FitBit…I’ve run over 2600 miles in the 3+ years I’ve been running)

Thursday: went to the gym and just did my 65 minutes on the elliptical.
Friday: I just did my 65 minutes on the elliptical again.  I was going to do some practicing of the exercises I’ll be doing during my combat fitness test on Monday, but for various reasons, decided not to.  But, I have a feeling that the exercises I will be doing for that test will find their way into my free weights strength training workout.  So…my #22for22 wrapped up on Sunday, but I’ve continued doing my 22 BOSU pushups each day.  On this day, I doubled that up and started a new #22for22 challenge.  I’m now doing 22 BOSU pushups *AND* 22 BOSU squats each day!


While my eating this week was still far from perfect, it was a HUGE improvement over how I ate last week.  I felt more satisfied with my planned foods each day and that was a definite factor in me only having small cheats.  I’m hoping next week to cut out those small cheats completely.  My work clothes felt maybe a little looser, but definitely not tighter, so I thought that I had either maintained my weight from last week or, and I hoped, maybe lost a pound.  Nope. 

All I can say is: REALLY?!?!?!  If you’ve been on a weight loss journey or are currently on one, then you know just how annoyed I am at this moment.  Granted I was a little…shall we say…stopped up yesterday movement-wise, so that maybe have played into what the scale said this morning.  Also, how I’ve added variety into my food this week was by buying a bunch of prepackaged foods (aka-diet TV dinners and Greek yogurts).  So, that means my sodium intake went up by a lot.  So, that most likely also played into what the scale said this morning.  So, I’m just going to be annoyed and move on.  I’m also going to just treat this like this was a maintenance week.  If I were in the maintenance phase of my journey (I’m not), then a +/- of a pound or less within your goal weight is considered successful maintenance.  So, I had a maintenance week…whatever.  I’m doing the prepackaged foods again next week.  So, maybe my body will adjust to the higher sodium a little more and I won’t retain excess water (my fingers were quite poofy all day today, now that I think of it).

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