Monday, April 25, 2016

Friend Making Monday - Have You Ever?

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HA!  I'm doing this one on time!

Have You Ever?

Fired a Gun? Yes
Gone on a blind date? Yes
Skipped school? Yes
Watched someone give birth? No
Watched someone die? No
Visited Hawaii? No (I have plans, tho)
Visited Europe? No
Visited Las Vegas? Yes
Visited Washington? Yes
Visited Amsterdam? No
Visited Florida? Yes
Visited Mexico? Yes
Visited Australia? No
Seen the Grand Canyon in person? Yes, on my roadtrip 2 years ago, I stopped there
Been on a cruise? No, but I’m hoping to change that in 2-3 years
Been in a movie? No
Visited LAX? Yes
Been to New York City? No, and the sad part is that I lived just a 5 hour drive away for over a year and never went.
Cried yourself to sleep? Yes
Played in a band? Yes (school band...hey, that counts, right?)
Used an adult coloring book? No...not yet, anyway
Sung karaoke? Yes
Gone swimming in the ocean? Yes
Paid for a meal with coins only? I don’t think so...unless it was a dollar menu meal, then probably yes
Made prank phone calls? Yes, when I was a kid, we would pick random phone numbers out of the phone book, call them and then hang up when they answered
Laughed so much you cried? Yes
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes
Had children? No
Had a pet? Yes
Been skinny dipping? No
Repelled down a building/tower? No
Gone zip lining? No
Been water skiing? Yes
Been camping in a tent? Yes.  I grew up camping and I try to find occasions to do it as an adult
Driven a motorcycle? Yes...dirtbikes
Jumped out of a plane? No
Gone to a drive-in movie? Yes
Done something that could have killed you? Yes
Done something that you will regret for the rest of your life? No, I don't hold onto regrets  
Ridden on an elephant? Not that I remember
Ridden on a camel? Not that I remember
Eaten just cookies, cake or ice cream for dinner? Uh, yes…
Been on TV? Yes
Been in a newspaper? Yes
Stolen any traffic signs? Yes...while on an outing with my girl scouts troop...ha!
Been in a car accident? Yes
Stayed in a hospital? Yes
Donated blood? Yes
Had to pay a fine of some kind in the past 12 months? No
Eaten snails? No
Gotten a piercing? Yes
Gotten a tattoo? Yes, a few
Driven a standard car? Yes, my first few vehicles were standard transmissions
Ever owned your dream car? No
Been married? No
Been divorced? No
Fallen in love? Yeah…
Paid for a strangers meal? No...not yet.  I will someday, tho
Driven over 100mph? Yes
Worked in a pub? No
Found a dead body? No
Lived on your own? Yes
Ridden in the back of a police car? Yes, but not because I got arrested
Written or published a book/story/poem/song? Yes

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Happy Monday!


  1. I would have thought that with your job, you had a better than average chance of saying yes on number 4 or 5!

    1. i've been lucky. i know female officers that love getting assigned to work hospital duty with pregnant inmates because they just love it when new life happens. i don't work hospital duty hardly at all, in fact, it's been probably 10 year since i was assigned to work a shift in the hospital and we have a special unit that all they do is watch over people in the hospital. as far as the dying people goes, i tend to avoid situations that could possibly lead to that for multiple reasons. the main one being that yea, they're an inmate but they're still human and i think it would seriously tear me apart to witness someone's last moments.


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