Monday, April 4, 2016

March Goals Review & April Goals

Another month has come to an end and another has begun.  Good bye March, hello April.  Before I go over my goals for April, let’s recap how I did with the goals I set out for myself for the month of March.
• run at least 100 miles – FAIL…but still a success because I still got over 90 miles.
• finish the San Felipe Shootout without injuring myself – SUCCESS!  Had a ton of fun too!
• do 2 strength training workout a week – FAIL.  I think I was able to do that for the first week, but after that, nada.
• finish up the #22for22 challenge – SUCCESS!  And started a new one while continuing to do the exercises I was doing for the original challenge.
• start doing pullups – FAIL.
• read as much of Run Less Run Faster as I can – a good book, but it’s not the running plan I was hoping to find.
• make a valiant attempt to PR the 5K – SUCCESS!  Got a new 5K PR of 27:09 (that’s a PR by 5 seconds…every second counts yo!)
• lose some weight – FAIL.
And now, moving on, let’s see what I’m hoping to accomplish in April.  I do have to say that half of the month I will be on vacation and traveling, so my goals for this month will be a little different than other months because of that.
• run as close to 100 miles as possible (at least 90)
• strength train twice a week if possible (might not be possible while I’m on vacation, but I do plan to take my TRX straps and BOSU ball with me in case I can’t make it to the gym)
• maintain my weight…don’t gain…stay under 180
• run as many trails (including a run on the beach!) as I can while on vacation (instead of doing all my runs on roads/paved paths)
• come up with a new plan of attack for May for eating and exercising

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