Saturday, April 23, 2016

Weekly Recap

Saturday: Friday night I left home and started making my way toward Oregon.  By Saturday afternoon, I was in Moab, Utah and had stopped to take pictures of Wilson Arch and “ran” up the hill and then back down and it felt GREAT to move my legs like that after so much sitting in the car driving.  So then I was hot to find a trail to do a couple miles on, but was having a huge issue finding something that had public access.  On the north side of Moab, as I neared the entrance to Arches National Park, I noticed a road side paved trail and then discovered a small city park with a parking lot that had access to said trail, so I pulled over and parked.  I ran a quick out and back for 2 miles run.  Due to the altitude, my 10:34 average pace felt like I was trying to PR a 5k!  But, boy did it feel AMAZING!!!  And now, I need to get a “run” Utah magnet to go with my Texas and Oregon ones.
Sunday: arrived at my parents’ house late afternoon and 1) didn’t feel like going for a run because I was exhausted and 2) didn’t have time to go for even a quick 2-miler if I had felt up to it anyway. 

Monday: slept about 10 hours and woke up just before 9am.  I drank my coffee and woke up as I woke up a little “sleep drunk” as I call it and was a little, well, drunk feeling from sleeping so hard for so long.  Once I was awake and ready, I put on my running clothes and headed out the door for a 10K to celebrate Marathon Monday!  Congrats to everyone that ran Boston!  Someday I’ll be one of you!  I love running around my hometown because it’s so green and so many flowers are in bloom and all the old houses.
Tuesday: at my friend Patricia's house since Monday around dinner time.  She lives at the beach.  This day, we went to the Portland Zoo and walked and walked and walked!  But, it wasn’t enough to even hit my 10K steps for the day.  Wah wah.

Wednesday: as I said, I was at my friend Patricia’s house and she lives at the beach.  So, just like last year, I went for a 4 mile run up and down the beach.  This year I didn’t have a friendly eagle flying down the beach as I ran down it.  It was still a great run.
Thursday: started my standard 2 days of full rest from running before a race.

Friday: made the drive to bend and hit up the packet pickups for both half marathons I’m running this weekend.


I forgot my scale, so I won’t be weighing in this week…secretly or publicly.  Oh well.  Not super worried about it.  I’m hoping to be in the right mindset to start over when I get back to Texas and start making the number on the scale go back down, so I’ll be weighing in when I get back and that’ll be my new starting point.

I’m hoping you guys don’t think I’m one of those people that can’t follow through with anything or that I can’t finish what I start.  I can, I swear.  It just takes me longer than other people because I take the long, scenic route.  And by “scenic,” I mean frustrating.  While I don’t have a lot of loose skin thanks to losing the weight so slowly, I do still have some.  It’s getting more evident lately, probably because I’m wearing shorts and skorts for running more often than I’m wearing capris and tights.  It doesn’t bother me a whole lot.  I want you guys to know that I’m a real person.  I’m not someone that is going to photoshop or airbrush my photos to make me look better or to give false impressions.  That’s not fair to me or to you.  I also refuse to wear spanx for so many reasons.

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