Saturday, April 9, 2016

Weekly Recap

Saturday: I worked overtime Friday night and set my alarm for 11am so I could get to the expo for the Austin 10/20 at a decent time.  I was going to get on the elliptical at the gym, but I managed to get my 10K steps for the day plus a little extra, so I skipped the gym and spent the evening resting my legs.

Sunday: ran the Austin 10/20!  That’s a 10 mile race with 20 live bands along the course.  This was my 3rd year running it and every single year they have changed up the beginning and/or end of the race.  It’s all the same roads and things, just the sections are in different order.  This is the ONLY time I run sans music because I love to hear the bands.  I ran a course/distance PR of 1:34:31, beating the goal I had set for myself by 29 seconds!  WOOHOO!  (full race report will be posted as soon as I receive my official photo, so stay tuned)

Monday: I had to charge my FitBit and then run a couple errands and as a result, I only had time to knock out 40 minutes on the elliptical. 

Tuesday: had my monthly session with my therapist, so there was lots of walking before and after my appointment.  Walked a total of 4.5 miles!  I’d like to start getting in the area earlier and walking maybe another mile or so on therapy days.

Wednesday: went for a run.  Just logging miles for the most part, so I ran at a comfortable pace and didn’t actually check my pace at all while I was running.  So, I was happy when I got done and uploaded my Garmin data and saw a 10:42 average pace.  I wanted to stretch my legs after the hard effort during Sunday’s 10 mile race and keep them limber going into the 10K I’m running tomorrow.  I figured I might as well earn one of the virtual race medals I have lying around my desk while I was at it too, so I ran 6.34 miles (per the Garmin…6.2 miles per the FitBit) and hung my The Runner Awakens virtual race medal that has the Rebel symbol and BB-8 on it and they spin!

Thursday: picked up an overtime shift at work so no workout on this day.

Friday: walked a little over 4 miles between before and after picking up my packet for the Capital 10K.


While I’m still going to weigh myself each week, I’m not stressing about trying to make myself lose weight right now.  There are a couple reasons I’m going to continue to weigh in even though I’m not really worried about what the scale says, 1) if I don’t weigh in regularly, my fancy scale will unsync from my accounts and it’s just annoying to get it to start syncing again, and 2) while I’m not trying to lose any weight AT THE MOMENT, I do want to keep an eye on my weight so it doesn’t start inching up.

I had a spectacular session with my therapist this week.  I had been doing a lot of thinking in the weeks before and realized that when I was able to get my eating habits and exercise habits to “click” the way I wanted them to last fall, that I was on medical leave from work and therefore had substantially less stress in my life, so there were no urges fueled by stress to binge eat and when I did eat, I felt satisfied with way less food than when I’m stressed out.  So I told him all that and then we talked about work, which we just haven’t happen to talk about hardly at all in my sessions.  We discovered that I feel trapped in my job (for various financial reasons) and that I don’t enjoy it and it doesn’t challenge me.  Boredom is a type of stress, he said.  And stress makes me have urges to binge.  So, things are making a little more sense to me now.  Oh and he told me that not only is there an endorphin response when you are consuming food, but also when your body is digesting the food!  Which is why, when I’ve binge eaten a bunch of food, then a little bit later, when my body is apparently digesting it, I feel calm and not so stressed.  And sometimes, I don’t need to overeat for a binge.  Sometimes, I’ll just eat all the food I brought to work with me at once and then I’m fine the rest of the day.  I just apparently need that endorphin rush from the digestion process and then I’m good.  I like facts and I like science and I like logic.  So these things he told me make things a little easier for me to comprehend. 

Based on all of that, I’m hoping I can destress enough while I’m on vacation at the end of this month for 16 days to get things to “click” again and maybe I can keep my stress levels lower somehow.  Maybe I can start really amping up my gym sessions to get pent up frustration (that I’m not even aware of, but must be there) out instead of holding it inside so it’s not eating away at me and giving me urges to binge eat. 

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