Monday, May 9, 2016

Long Term Goals

I’ve been thinking a lot about goals lately.  I know the standard time to unveil and discuss new goals or new ways to achieve goals is the beginning of January, but really, anytime is a good time to talk about goals.  The goals I’ve been thinking of are more long term and far reaching. 

For 2017, I want to go to Hawaii for my birthday.  I will be the big 4-Oh next year!  So, I want to do something special and memorable.  Now, if things play out the way that I think they will, I won’t actually be IN Hawaii on my birthday but will actually be starting my drive back to Texas from Oregon about 3 days after flying back from Hawaii.  I want to run the Honolulu Marathon that happens near or on my birthday (if my birthday is on a Sunday, that is).  Other than that, for 2017 I want to focus more on picking up the pace.  I’d really like to qualify for Boston at some point and in order to do that, I have to put in the work.  So, while I full well plan to start focusing more on structured speedwork this year, I really want to hit the track hard next year and whittle away at that marathon time.

For 2018, I want to run across the Golden Gate Bridge.  I’d also like to do a cruise in 2018.  For the GGB, I will do that on my drive to Oregon.  I will stop and visit some friends I the bay area and also take the opportunity to do a run across the bridge.  I might even make an attempt to “run” up Lombard!  

For 2019, I think I’d really like to do a RunDisney event.  I have to do a lot of thinking about which one, but I do know I want it to be a multi-event where there are 2-3 races done over the course of the weekend.

I do have a goal to run Boston one day, but I’m not really in a hurry to do it.  I will start that work this year and next with the focus on speedwork.  Also, even though my friend I affectionately refer to as my “coach” will think it’s the dumbest idea ever, I want to run as many marathons as possible.  I really do love the distance.  But I am aware that the year I think will be the year that I am able to qualify, I will definitely limit myself to probably just 2 marathons, the Austin and the South Padre Island marathons.  If I’ve done the work, I can qualify at either one. 

What are your long term goals?


  1. Don't set your heart on running up Lombard. Every time I've been there, there's been traffic, and you can't run against it (it would be very unsafe b/c no sidewalk that curves like the street). There are sidewalks along the side, but they go straight up and down, with stairs. I ran the sidewalk/stairs one of the more recent times I was in San Fran, and still a great workout. (Just wanted to warn you that you might not get to run the actual street!)

    1. i thought they closed the street to traffic?


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