Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May Goals

It’s a new month again!  Wow, how did that happen?  How is it already May?  Let’s look at my goals for April and how I did with those:

• run as close to 100 miles as possible (at least 90) – FAIL, I only ran 81.5 miles.
• strength train twice a week if possible (might not be possible while I’m on vacation, but I do plan to take my TRX straps and BOSU ball with me in case I can’t make it to the gym) – FAIL, I didn’t strength train at all while on vacation and I think I only went once a week for strength before I went on vacation.
• maintain my weight…don’t gain…stay under 180 – BIG FAT FAIL…I gained.
• run as many trails (including a run on the beach!) as I can while on vacation (instead of doing all my runs on roads/paved paths) – SUCCESS!!  I ran the beach and a trail in the forest.
• come up with a new plan of attack for May for eating and exercising – SUCCESS!

So, yea…April wasn’t too great with the goal achieving for me.  However, I think I learned some things.  Until I promote at work and/or pay off all my credit cards, it’s going to be an ongoing struggle to get to the gym twice a week for the purpose of strength training.  Running is definitely my priority when it comes to fitness activities.  I’m not super upset about my monthly mileage.  I was under my B goal of 90 miles, but I still did over 80 and that’s still nothing to sneeze at.  Also, I think I’m still over the minimum average of monthly miles to be on track to hit 1000+ for the year and that’s what really matters in the long run.  HA!  The long run!  I didn’t even mean to do that!

Not only did I not try to find a gym to do some strength training at while I was on vacation, I didn’t even use my BOSU ball that I made a point to take with me on the trip!  Ugh!  I need to start that back up.  The arthritis in my left elbow bothers me less when I do load bearing exercises that involve my elbow (like pushups).  And it’s been hurting a lot since I went on vacation and haven’t been doing my BOSU exercises.

Okay, onto my goals for May.  Or maybe I should start calling them “hopes” instead of goals?  Either way, here we go!

• run as close to 100 miles as possible (at least 90)
• lose some weight…try to get back in the 170s
• strength train 1-2 times per week
• do one of my runs each week at Ladybird Lake trail
• limit “treat” foods (“treat” foods would be anything other than healthy foods, to include fast food)

I think that’s good for one month.

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