Saturday, May 14, 2016

Weekly Recap

Saturday: ran a trail race called the Wildflower Half in the Bastrop State Park.  It took me about 3:03 hours to finish 13.1 miles.  Not too bad considering just how much I had to walk during this race.  I had a great time, made a new friend and hope to run it again next year!
Sunday: another weekend of back-to-back races!  ran the Sunshine run 10K on this morning.  Was briefly thinking I could go for another new PR attempt and was set to do just that until about mile 2.5 when the hill happened.  Oh well.  I finished in 1:04:03 official and am still quite happy with my time since I did just run that fairly technical trail half marathon on Saturday.
Monday: went to the gym and did my 65 minutes on the elliptical.  Thought about food the whole time as I was feeling soooo hungry.  Retraining my body to realize that I don’t need all that food I eat when my eating is out of control is difficult.  But, in another week or so, all should be well again in that department and the hunger pangs will stop.
Tuesday: had my monthly appointment with my therapist, so just lots of walking before and after it.
Wednesday: went for a run.  Procrastinated only a small bit and didn’t head out until about 8:30.  Did a 10K to earn my Hooah Hustle virtual race medal!
Thursday: worked overtime on the night shift Wednesday night, so no run or workout.

Friday: worked overtime again Thursday night, so no run or workout again.


Even though I didn’t overeat Saturday or Sunday and the choices I made were semi-healthy (brisket, bbq beans, homemade healthy nachos), I still started this week out UP on the scale.  But, I held out hope that as the week went on, the number would continue to go down.  From Saturday to Sunday, I went from 182.7 to 184.6.  Hmmm.  But then, Monday I was down .8 of a pound, so who knows.  It probably had to do with the half marathon.  I can say that I can see why/how weighing daily could become unhealthy.  When I weighed in on Sunday and was up almost 2 pounds from Saturday, I almost freaked out.  But then realized that it was probably water weight due to extra water consumption and inflammation from the half marathon on Saturday.  So I calmed down.  And then, when I weighed in on Monday and was already down almost a pound, I knew I was right and calmed down even further.
As you can see, my weight was kind of all over the place this week.  I had a wonderful low point of 179.3 on Thursday, but then I was back up over 181 on Friday due to Frito pie and banana pudding on the night shift Thursday night.  Even though I planned for it and ate less earlier in the day and still didn’t go over 2100 calories for the day, I was still up.  But I wasn’t worried about it yesterday and I’m not worried about it today.  Something I had to accept when I decided I would start weighing in every day was that my weight would fluctuate from day to day due to water retention and depending on what food I ate the day before and how well I’m hydrated and so on and so forth.  As long as the general, overall trend is downward, then I’m happy. 

For the next couple weekends, I have no races to run.  And then, I have no races scheduled after the Autism Speaks 8K on the 29th until the Back to the 80’s 8K on October 2nd.  Now…I *do* have 2 half marathons, a 50K, and a few 5Ks (only one of which has posted their date) between those times that I am HOPING to run, but I haven’t registered for any of them yet. 

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