Saturday, May 7, 2016

Weekly Recap

Saturday: finished up the last leg of my drive from Oregon back to Texas.  I got back to my apartment around 8:30pm and then went for a walk around my apartment complex for about an hour.

Sunday: I had planned to go for a run, but 1) I slept until 10.  I was pretty tired from all that driving and sleeping in the back seat of my car.  2) I didn’t feel like going for a run upon waking up.  3) I had a BUNCH of food prep to do and it ended up taking me all day to get it done so I actually didn’t have time to go for the 7 mile run I was planning on doing.

Monday: had an 8:15am doctor’s appointment.  After my appointment, I went for a run.
Tuesday: I ended up picking up overtime on Monday, my first day back from vacation, last minute, so no workout on this day.

Wednesday: ran 4 miles.  It started getting a little warm by the time I got done, but it wasn’t a bad run.
Thursday: went to the gym and got 40 minutes done on the elliptical.
Friday: worked overtime again Thursday night, so no workout or run on this day.


While I was on vacation, I gained almost 5 pounds!  Eek!  Before that, I had gained around 15 or so pounds since the beginning of December.  This is so frustrating.  I had a goal this week.  To do my best to at least lose the weight I gained while on vacation by today.  I figured most of the weight I gained was water weight and should be fairly easy to lose somewhat quickly.  I weighed myself on Sunday, then, starting Tuesday, I weighed every day.  I think I’m going to weigh myself each day from now on.  I like it.  it helps me feel more in control because I can identify a problem pretty much immediate with how I’m eating and can perform corrective measures right away.  Weighing once a week, I wasn’t able to identify a problem until anywhere up to 6 days after it may have occurred and the “damage was done.”  Some people say it’s unhealthy to weigh yourself every day and that you will become obsessed with the scale and have an unhealthy view of your weight.  I disagree.  My mom weighs herself pretty much every day for the purposes of keeping herself in check.  My grandma weighs herself every day just because it’s something she’s done for years and she likes to know what’s going on.
My original plan/goal for this week was to lose the weight I gained while on vacation and I did it!  I lost all 3.7 pounds I gained, PLUS an extra tenth of a pound!  Woohoo!  My next goal is to get back in the 170s.  I’d like to do that by the end of May.  I know, losing 2.7 lbs in 3 weeks doesn’t seem like a very aggressive goal, but I’m trying to be realistic this time.  I’m trying to make actual changes that I hope will become permanent.  I’m trying things a little differently this time.  And I figure if I set smaller goals that they will be easier to achieve because I won’t be super stressed about them which will make me less likely to fall prey to my binge urges.  It may even lessen the urges themselves.  That would fantastic!

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