Thursday, June 2, 2016

June Goals

IT’S JUNE!!!  We are already almost halfway through this year!  Wow!  It’s the beginning of a new month, so you know what that means!!!  Time to review last month’s goals and go over what I’d like to see myself accomplish this month.  First, how did I do in May?

• run as close to 100 miles as possible (at least 90) – FAIL, but I did hit my C goal of at least 80, so maybe it’s a partial success?
• strength train 1-2 times per week – SUCCESS!  I am slowly easing my way back into strength training, so it’s minimal, but I’m doing it!
• do one of my runs each week at Ladybird Lake trail – FAIL, I did one run in all of May at LBL trail.
• limit “treat” foods – SUCCESS!  I planned to eat pizza once and one slice was enough, and then after a long run I planned for some fish & chips and ate it conservatively and not all at once and got myself a to-go box even!

And now onto my goals for June!

• run at least 90 miles (B goal of at least 80)
• lose some more weight…get down to 170
• continue to strength train twice a week, 2 exercises each upper and lower body
• work on conquering the treadmill and use my new 90 Treadmill Workouts book
• try doing some runs after work
• continue to limit “treat” foods
• hit 10K+ steps every day
• cycle long (10+ miles) once a week when possible, try to cycle to and from the gym and for local errands (if the situation allows)
• maybe add the occasional swim to my workouts, once a week if possible

Okay, I’m being somewhat ambitious with my goals for this month, but I think that they are all 100% doable.  I was fairly successful in May and I’m proud of myself.  I achieved my more important goals for the month, and that is what really matters.  Sure I would have really liked to have logged another 10 miles for the month, but I’m totally okay and happy with the 81.04 miles I did log.  I’ll be starting marathon training next month for the South Padre Island Marathon and I have a somewhat serious time goal for that one, so speed work will be a necessity, which is where the treadmill comes in and why I need to work on conquering it.  It’s a mental thing and plus I do need to get to the point where I can sustain a faster pace for a longer period of time.  I’d like to get my marathon goal pace down to 9:45 minutes or faster by the SPI marathon.

Alright, that wraps up this month’s goal review.  What are your goals for June?

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